EMM vs DAH questions

EMM is available on our departure day. We have no flight to catch as we’re just going to Universal after we leave Disney for the last leg of our trip. With that said, I’m guessing we will have a lot that we feel like we need to fit into the last day that we weren’t able to on our other days (my DD11 is doing Dance the World, so we’ll have a few blocks of time occupied with those events).

I know this is subjective, but WWYD…

  1. Would you do EMM at MK on your departure day or are you so exhausted from an awesome trip that getting to the parks by 7:30 am on your 5th day is tortuous? Or DAH MK on our arrival day could be an option assuming the day remains the same. Of course we will have gotten up at 4am that morning and we have an ADR at AP for 7:20pm. Is that doable if we take a long break relaxing in our hotel room after it’s available?

  2. DAH has not been released for our June dates. I don’t know if they’ll ever be available. If I reserve EMM now, can I cancel if we decide to do DAH if/when it’s released and decide to only do one or the other?

  3. Assuming the days for DAH do not change, the DAH for HS (Saturday) would work best for our trip. We have DD11 and DD15…it just seems like such a high price to pay…is it worth it to you or can we still have a good time if we don’t do it?

I bought the FOLK Tier 1 package already- I felt like this was something they would really enjoy. We don’t typically do vacations and we certainly don’t really go all out on a vacation, so their expectations are set pretty low just because they’ve never had an experience like Disney. I don’t mind adding on extras, but don’t want to go crazy either (actually, I kind of just want to add it all, lol, but know I probably shouldn’t…don’t want to over indulge the children. Haha!)

Can you tell we don’t vacation a lot? :rofl:

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What does the Crowd Calendar look like during your vacation? We did HS DAH and I thought it was well worth the cost but we had 8/9 crowds. DAH has a much better choice of rides than EMM. It seemed like EMM might be better for families with young children.

Which park are you looking at for EMM and do you kids want to get up that early? You can cancel it I believe. All of the extras are not really necessary, you can have a great time without them. Don’t feel pressured into upgrading just because it’s available. I’d think EMM is more worth it and HS just because a SDD fastpass is hard to get. There’s not fastpass at MK that is really that difficult at 60 days even 7DMT.

I would absolutely NOT do an after hours event on a day you are getting up at 4 AM. Sure you can push through but overtiredness that early in a trip is just not a good recipe for health.

CL is predicted 5/6/7…I honestly have no reference, though, so I’m not sure what that would mean. We travel to Wyoming every year…on a CL 1 day, I’m sure the whole state could fit in one park :joy:

Good to hear you enjoyed DAH HS.

It’s EMM at MK…thanks for the reality check! You’re right…probably not the way to kick off a vacation with DAH on arrival :slight_smile:

We have done EMM at MK on our departure day and we really enjoyed it–it was day 5 for us and the end of our trip–we felt it was perfect way to finish our time at Disney.
You can cancel EMM–I have done it before.
I loved DAH at MK but I can’t imagine doing it after being up at 4 am. And sometimes DAH at MK can start at 8 pm so with a 7:20 ADR you would miss part of it (and that would not be worth it).
I haven’t done DAH at HS so I don’t know if it’s worth it (but I will find out since we are doing it this Saturday).

And how long will you be at WDW? Our trip was short and the only way to fit everything in was to HS DAH. If you have extra time, you will probably be fine without the DAH. If you are trying to decide between the two, I would go to DAH over EMM. No matter what, you are going to have an awesome trip!

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We’ll be there 5 days, but have a few events sprinkled in with the dance stuff. I’ll know more in a couple months exactly how much time it will take up.