EMM v. After Hours HS

Hi! NC got too much snow and I am having to cut out a day from our February trip due to make up days for school. In order to maximize our time I think I need to schedule either the EMM or After Hours at HS. I would prefer MK but they are not planned during the President’s Day weekend.

What is the better bang for the buck? I have a 16 and 18 year old. I am leaning to the evening After Hours but like the price of EMM.

Thanks so much!

Most 16 and 18 year olds that I know are happier in the PM not AM. My DD 18 would not be happy at either but she is miserable in the morning. At 16 and 18 they are old enough for you to ask their opinion and also to have them meet you or leave early on their own.


Seems like DAH is more bang for the buck, although EMM gets you a breakfast. You can get into park at 7 and don’t need tickets for that day or hoppers if you’ll be somewhere else in the morning/afternoon. That would be my pick if were going to do one. Personally, I feel like I can do everything at HS in a regular day, except multiple rides on TSL rides, which you could do at either event if that was your goal.

I am pondering this same thing for our spring break trip, my kids are 15&17. I just did the morning version Friday with a friend and it was amazing. We rode Slinky 9 times, ASS 2 times, TSMM 1 time plus met Woody, Jessie and Buzz and ate breakfast all before 9:15. We could have easily ridden TOT and RNRC at rope drop but we were leaving for MK so didn’t. My teens will prefer the nighttime version though, at least I think they will. They love TOT, RNRC and Star Tours so there are definitely more rides to choose from at night, plus all you can eat ice cream and popcorn will be more to their liking than the breakfast choices. I think the nighttime will win, and the price difference isn’t too much since I can buy After Hours at the AP rate of $95. But the morning was great, so I am torn. I went to MK after hours last night and it was amazing! So few people, and no waits for the rides except less than 10 on Seven Dwarves.


Thanks so much for the feedback. I should have mentioned the trip is a Christmas present and my FPP day is this coming Tuesday so I can’t ask opinions until after Christmas. I think After Hours might be the better choice but both sound great. Decisions, Decisions!

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It is a hard decision. My DD19 and I recently went to EMM at HS and loved it!! I haven’t done DAH at HS but we have at MK and would definitely do it again. Any of the DAH events offer more value in terms of rides as there are more available than at EMM. There is more substantial food at EMM though–we loved our breakfasts (we ate twice and had multiple entrees). I think if the goal is to experience rides then DAH makes sense.

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If maximizing rides, you could spend the morning and day at AK. Use your FP for FOP and others at AK then possibly break, go to dinner, and hit DAH at HS. Sounds like a good day to me.

Great suggestion…thanks for the response! Now I just have to score FPs for FOP :smile:

We have done EMM at MK and DAH at HS and I would hands down give the edge to DAH, especially with those age groups. More rides available, a few snacks/drink options included and the ability to check out Toy Story Land at night were amazing…and we also timed it just right so we were on SDD as the fireworks were going off! Other than the Wild Africa Trek, this might be my new favorite add on.


I had the choice and have voted for DAH. I’m not a morning person and I like to close the parks, so EMM would kill me. Also, I think TSL is visually better at night. It gets very hot during the day (well, in hot weather) and there’s no shade, so that cold be a factor, though perhaps it’s not so hot in the early morning.

You’re getting more exclusive access hours. I personally think food offerings at events like this are gravy — I don’t really care about the desserts at dessert parties, for example, I’m there for the entertainment.

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That sounds amazing! My DH already demanded NO EMM next trip because he hated getting up that early. But he LOVED DAH! At MK we rode BTMR at DAH with fireworks going off in the distance and it was truly magical! My kids laughed that it was like we were in a Disney commercial!

I still wish DH would come around on EMM at least on the expanded MK one bc I had so much fun!

But I do think TSL would be soooo much cooler at night (literally!) and no rushing around!