EMM strategy for Princess greet

we will be doing EMM this May, and after doing the rides included we plan to meet princesses (hopefully both sets) before the rest of the crowd gets there at 9, at what time should we get in line and do they typically open right at 9 or possibly a few minutes earlier? We want to try to get to the breakfast buffet by 9:30-9:40 so do think it would be possible to fit in IASW too before that time since it looks like it’s close by? Thanks

I haven’t done EMM before but we are doing it in mid April, so you can take my advice with a grain of salt. But after the reading I’ve done, my plan is to get in line for Cinderella/Elena at 8:50 or so, then hopefully see Rapunzel/Tiana without much wait and then do breakfast.

My understanding is that Fairytale Hall opens right at 9. I think it will be tight to fit in IASW before 9:30/9:40 as each of the actual princess meets will take close to 10 minutes with pictures etc. (or at least that was our experience last year - 10 minutes for Cinderella/Elena and 10 minutes for Rapunzel/Tiana). TP says IASW is 14 minutes long so even with no wait it will be close. If you don’t mind getting to breakfast a little closer to 10, it’s probably doable. Again, just my thoughts!

We have done EMM (it was wonderful) and I agree with @mvblack. Getting in the princess line around 8:50 should work. When we were there, most of the crowd that did a PPO at BOG were getting in line for 7DMT. There were only a couple of people in line for the princesses. I also agree that trying to ride IASW would be pushing it. It’s a slow loading and long ride.