EMM shows no availability - is that normal

EMM (Early Morning Magic) for both MK and AK shows a data picker calendar through Feb 2020, but ALL dates are grayed out (not available). We have a trip in April 2020… I know I cannot book EMM before October for this (180 days), but I am concerned that the site is showing zero availability for any day. Is this normal for how these things work? Any idea what is happening?

There are no EMM scheduled for any park right now.

Because DHS has 3 hours of EMH every day, and both MK and AK also have daily EMH, all up until the start of November, there are no EMM dates.

What happens after that we don’t know. Keep checking to see if any dates open up for 2020.

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The last day for EMM at MK was 8/27. Both cast members I chatted with online told me the EMM were suspended as of now, and they did not know when they’d come back. I agree with @overexcited that they probably will, but was told the same… “just keep checking back” by the cm. They also didn’t know if EEMH would be extended beyond Nov 2. “Just keep checking back”

And now there are available dates for MK EMM, but the newest dates show as “not tables available”

AK doesn’t do EMM by the way. I just checked Disney’s site. I see plenty of non-grayed out dates in January and February. Disney is advertising for special events and showing available dates but not allowing guests to book anything. The same thing has happened with all of their Fireworks Dessert Parties (FDP). All of January and February shows available dates, but Disney won’t allow any FDP’s to be booked. It’s just something they need to fix.