EMM passes sold out

People do cancel, I’d keep checking, especially the week before.


It seems the 2019 dates all show available, but all (or almost all - because the 10 I checked) show not availability until beginning of April for 2020 That seems unlikely to me, so maybe they’re just updating something etc so they’re not showing?


I agree. I think the dates have been loaded but they haven’t released tickets yet, possibly because they’ve not completely finalised dates.

Maybe they’ve learned from when they released September tickets and then had to refund everyone when they added the daily EMH.

The CMs will be using the same system we do, so they will see the same thing. And the “obvious” reason they can’t book it is because “it’s sold out”.

It showed Jan 28 tickets were available last week but after checking yesterday it shows there are no tickets available. I will continue to check.

Do we know if the system actually allowed anyone to book?

There are definitely spaces available in 2019 so I can only assume it is a glitch in the system. I will just keep checking.

Yes I booked for February 2020 last week, so it worked as if then

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Yes, I booked a date in March and it’s still on my itinerary.


I booked for January 28 on the day they were released.

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I booked for Feb 13 without any issues.

the only day my week in May is Sunday hopefully they will add more later or we go without!

Yes, I had the same issue when I went to book in January. No dates available, but plenty before and after. I assumed it was a glitch. I can’t imagine it is sold out. You can get tickets for most dates coming up this month. Seems unlikely January would be sold out already when there is good availability for other dates. Maybe something to do with them not having made a decision regarding hours around Rise of the Resistance?


I had this exact scenario happen to me for our trip in May. First it was wide open, then sold out. Once it was sold out, I kept checking back and within a few weeks, I ended up finding 2 reservations for different times (one at 7am and one at 7:30 am for HS EMM), then a few weeks after that, I found two at the same time. I had to put the two different reservation times on two different MDE accounts and wasn’t thrilled with that, so that is why I kept checking. Once I found the two at the same time I modified the original reservation for 2 and cancelled the other single reservation. I was glad I did. We ended up having trouble as it was (it was my first day and our resort did not activate my park tickets). I can only imagine how much more confusing it would have been if our EMM had been on two different MDE accounts.

April dates just showed up on the calendar (turned blue in the date picker), but I am getting the “no tables available”. I am hoping it is as Nuckysyme said

I agree. I think the dates have been loaded but they haven’t released tickets yet

I would hate to think they were sold out already!

Disney isn’t allowing anyone to book EMM or any of the Fireworks Dessert Parties. They are showing as available, but the tickets aren’t loaded. Just be patient. I am positive they will release the tickets soon.


I wonder if higher than expected crowds are causing them to re-think their decision on hours after RotR opens? They made the EMM announcement and any other hours-dependent event plans back when we had the very low September crowds. Are October’s CLs close to predicted so far, or are the crowds higher than anticipated?

I will just wait and keep checking.

April dates (at least 2nd week of April) are now available.

The dates turned blue weeks ago, but showed “no tables available”. Today I re-checked and was able to book them!

So the good news is that they are not sold out and that it was just part of the process of how they roll out the tickets


I just checked today and they appear to be available again. Maybe they were doing an update or something.

PPF is FINALLY officially listed as one of the attractions. It had previously been omitted.

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I saw that as well. Glad it is back up and running.

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