EMM refund

I had an EMM at Fantasyland reserved for Sept 22 for 8 people, and I had paid for it on a gift card. I believe the reservation has now been cancelled. I do have the reservation confirmation number, but I can’t find the reservation on MDE or an email about a cancellation.

I haven’t received the refund yet, and I haven’t heard from Disney on it. The amount I paid was about $750. Until yesterday I was holding a $530 balance on my gift card. So it’s possible that they tried to refund it to the gift card but they were unsuccessful because of the $1000 limit on cards. Yesterday I transferred the card balance to a different card.

My question is: Does anyone know of a contact email for someone at Disney who can help me with this? I would really rather not call right now. It’s not an urgent thing…but I just don’t want to let it go too long.

I know this works for billing questions. I wonder if it will work for you?


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I’m going through a similar situation right now with the gift cards. Do you have any update on this? I also am worried about wasting my time on the phone or not getting through so I figured I would follow up and see if you had resolution!

I finally got a call back about my refund. The CM told me that the refund had been processed…part of it went to the gift card I used to purchase the tickets, and part of it went to a different gift card. I didn’t have the cards with me when she called, but when I got home I checked, and the refunds were there. They weren’t there before, although she was showing the processing date as a month previous to our chat. And how did they know I had the other gift card? Who knows. It all worked out… I got the money back. When I told her I wasn’t sure if I still had the other card she gave me her number and extension in case I needed it. Sounds like she would’ve been able to work something out if I didn’t have the card anymore.