EMM or DAH packages / discounts?

Now that the EMM, DAH, and VAH availability has appeared for our Feb trip (5-11), I was curious whether or not any of these events are ever discounted for resort guests or included as part of other packages?

Are they a huge difference in attendance (worth the $500-$600 cost for a family of four) at that slow time of year? There is EMM offered at the MK Feb 6 and 11, DAH at AK Feb 6, at MK Feb 10, and a VAH at MK on Feb 7.

We aren’t doing park hopper - it looks like DAH doesn’t require admission for that day, but EMM does, is that correct? Thanks for the assistance.

Yes, that is correct. DAH has an AP and DVC discount but I don’t think EMM is ever discounted.

DAH can be used on shorter trips instead of adding a full day ticket since you enter at 7pm.

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