EMM on DCL departure day

Good morning- just looking for thoughts on doing EMM at MK on cruise departure day. Is that feasible or would we be cutting it too close? TIA!

It is possible, the paid event? Do you have APs? You would be using a park ticket too. We waited for a liquor store to open at 10 and then drove to the port. I had an 11:30 time and I was there exactly at 11:30.

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My soul mate :joy:


Usually on cruise lines it’s not like if you miss your “boarding window” you miss your chance to board. There is a final call, usually 1:30PM to 2:30 PM ish based on my experience.

It should be easy enough to check. Sounds like a fun day!!

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Thanks! This is our first Disney Cruise, so we are going to get a late boarding time anyway. It looked like adding a 5th day wasn’t too much of a price increase which is why I thought we could squeeze in EMM.

My 11:30 boarding was my first Disney cruise and I could have gotten the 11:00 slot.

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Okay I clearly need to do more research on that! Thank you!

We’re going on our first cruise and also were able to get an early time

What kind of transportation are you using to the ship? If you are using the Disney bus you don’t pick a boarding time, you just board soon after you arrive. It’s been a couple of years but I seem to remember having to be at the pick up point in our hotel about 9:00am. We had quite a long wait for the bus.
If you provide your own transportation, then you will pick a boarding time.