EMM easy to cancel?

So, with the continuation of DAH totally up in the air for July, I’m now contemplating booking EMM at MK for our last morning there. If I reserve this (I know it has to be paid for up front), is it able to be canceled in the event that DAH does become available for our trip there? Just not sure what to plan for our eventual FP day or what ADRs to keep at this point.

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Yes you can. Here is what I took off my reservation confirmation for EMM for TSL:


  • There is a 1 day cancellation policy. Full price will be charged / forfeited if Guest cancels within 1 day or no shows for the reservation.
    Restriction / Requirement

Guests will check-in at the main entrance of Disney’s Hollywood Studios starting at 7am and receive a wristband for event identification

  • Allow up to 1 1/2 (or 1.5) hours to travel to your destination when traveling within WDW property.
  • Menu Items, Pricing, and Hours are subject to change without notice.

This experience will go on rain or shine; some attraction experiences may be modified due to inclement weather

  • Large Parties Can Be Accommodated

This Experience does not accept ANY Magic Your Way dining entitlements

General Condition

Theme Park admission is required for this event and is not included in the event price.

Guests may remain in their wheelchair, motorized scooter or ECV throughout the experience.


Full payment is due at time of booking.

Booking Information

  • Bookings done for the same day are not permitted.

This is great news! I had a terrible interaction with a CM on chat about this. I planned to do EMM but now they finally put out the after hours I want to do that and can’t do both! Do you simply cancel like any ADR?


I believe so.

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I have cancelled my EMM twice now because I first changed the date and then cancelled it finally yesterday after I booked DAH for HS. I got a refund in 48 hours the first time and am waiting for the second.


Well, now that I have EMM booked for MK, I’m thinking that if DAH opens up for July, we might just do that too! :slight_smile: I love MK first thing in the morning, and I’ve never ridden on SDMT, so…

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I had to switch days, I just cancelled online, no need to call. Took 7 days to see the credit on Disney rewards Visa

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I got my 2nd refund today after a 4 day wait