EMM at TSL this morning

SDD x4. TMM x1. AS2x 1. Met Jessie. SDD the last 15 minutes was a walk on. By the time we left TSL at 8:50 the line was already at 85 minutes! So glad we did this. SDD was pure joy!


That is so awesome! I have enjoyed EMM at TSL as well.

Nothing about the food?
I thought it was far better than it needed to be both times I’ve done it.
The new incarnation’s shrimp&grits hooked me, and also the chicken tenders are way better than I expected. The chilaquiles, however - much to be desired. The avocado toast was decent, but the egg served with it is cooked to death.


Man - my next trip is on a major budget, but I would sell something in my house if I had to if they were to offer this when I was there… Hardly likely because of SWGE though.


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@eightyeightkeys What order did you do this in? Did you do M&G first or last?

SDD. Jessie. AS2. SDD. TSMM. SDD x 2…



Glad to hear you had a great time. Sorry to bug you while you are still at the park, but …

  • What time did you get there?
  • What transportation did you take?
  • Did you stop for a snack on the way in or did you go straight to the attractions?
  • Did you try to “Rope Drop” anything else in the park at 8:50 or did you go to breakfast?

These are great questions. We will be trying EMM at TSL in about (er… exactly three weeks) and would like to know when you ate, and actually, if you had a 7 am (we do) or a 7:30 am entry? I’m not sure how it will play out and are hoping to have time for a snack before starting because we have 9:05 FP at RnRC,

We’re at Wilderness Lodge and aren’t sure if we should drive, take a bus, or Uber. Since we’re headed to Epcot midday, driving makes least sense- or does it?

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We got to our bus stop at POR at 6:05 just as a HS bus pulled away-was so worried another one wouldn’t come by. We were about to call a Lyft when an MK bus pulled up, so we asked the driver if another HS bus was on its way. She said at 6:25, so we decided that would be our cut off for calling a Lyft. A bus did pull up then, and we were through security at HS and in the park by 6:50.

We went and got drinks and pastries and took them with us to where CMs were holding us before entering TSL. We had a 7:00 reservation but it didn’t matter as nobody asked if it was 7:00 or 7:30; everyone got in at the same time.

My advice-stay to the right!!! Everyone was clumped in the middle with a big open space to the right, so we filled in the gap and ended up very near the front of the pack. The CMs let us in right before 7:30 and walked us slowly back to TSL. Again, stay to the right-if you want to to SDD first. CMs herd everyone to the right under the umbrellas to get in line. We ended up in the second or third train after walking right through the queue.

We did not ropedrop anything else after TSL which I’m assuming a lot of others did and why SDD was a walk through the last 10-15 minutes. We left TSL at 7:45 just as they were letting the regular day guests in. We went to eat at Backlot Express-we were allowed to get any of the platters and as much as we wanted and also to come back and try other platters. The chicken platter was good as was the corn/eggs (can’t remember what it was called exactly). We hopped to Epcot via boat when we were finished.

If your goal is character meet and greets, do those first! The lines got very long, and we did not bother with Buzz and Woody although I would have liked to. We only saw Jessie because her line was very short as we walked from SDD to AS2. By the time we got off AS2 her line had tripled. AS2 and TSMM were walk ons.


I can not thank you enough!

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If you want to do RNR or TOT, you will be allowed a head start on the rope drop crowd by a few steps. Whichever ride you choose first, you should be on one of the first few rides of the day. You’ll have plenty of time to pig out at the breakfast after. You can probably get BOTH rides in before breakfast if TOT is running all elevators, and RNR is not down. The breakfast is pretty decent, and chill.

Consider EMM as having at LEAST one extra fastpass starting at Rope drop. On a slow day, I’d consider RNR, TOT (x2 for TOT) before breakfast.

The one thing that will eat away at the ride time is re-walking the q for TSMM. I’m not sure if it’s a standard now, but the first time we did emm, the cm’s allowed to stay on TSMM in the same car 6x in a row. Last time we did Emm, the CM’s told us we had to get back in the line and walk through the queue to re-board, even though it was a walk on. The queue is a little bit of a walk. SDD queue is not that bad for re-boarding.

I wouldn’t bother with ASM unless the kids REALLY want to do it. Especially if there is ANY kind of a wait for it.

Another suggestion: If you choose to do the walk on for RNR or TOT, if you get off of either one for your first ride of the day, and see that the lines for both are crazy long - think about slipping over to Star Tours if it’s in the same place (might move to Star Wars Land?) that should be a very low wait to cross off before breakfast.

HTH - have fun!
(And be ready to PIG OUT at the breakfast, and then relax a lil.)


Awesome. I’ve bee looking for that info for a while. It would be nice to get on TOT, even if it means a 10 minute hike out and a 10 minute hike back.


Have you done the one in MK?

I have and we loved it! We rode 7DMT 6x, winnie the pooh, teacups, and under the sea before we rope-dropped Buzz Lightyear, then did astro obiter and space mountain. Peter Pan was closed when we went and my kids didn’t have an interest in meeting the characters, though I personally regret that :laughing:.
We had breakfast after that at 9:45. The food was really nothing to write home about. Not that great, but they did walk around and ask us if we wanted seconds, so we didn’t even have to get up. They also let us stay passed 10, which was nice. It was a place to sit down and have something before we went to enchanted tales with belle and haunted mansion. Overall it was our favorite MK day when we went.

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WOW! Thanks!
I think I will try and do Buzz right after. We were planning on RD Space, but the entire family will like Buzz.

Looks like the last TSL-EMM is on August 28th–

I wonder if they will replace it with a SWGE-EMM some time this fall?

Here’s what the no TSL-EMM people go through at rope drop


I haven’t done the one in MK. The rides offered do not appeal to me as much for the price. I’ve been quoted more than once to say that I’d gladly pay up for something called “Early MOUNTAIN Magic” at MK, however. If anyone knows how to get that bug into Walt’s ears, feel free. BTMM, Space, and Splash for a few hours before park open, and then a breakfast buffet? I’d be in.


Oh I would love that!

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I like the sounds of that! That would make for a great morning.