EMM at Toy Story Land

Anyone pay for this and willing to give a review? Cost is $300 for 2 adults/2 kids for 90 minutes very low crowds and breakfast. Easy WDW just left a mixed review. Thinking about buying it. . .


I read that article too. They reviewed at the beginning of October after Disney had increased the ticket sales. I purchased this for my family of 4 for December. The review made it seem like this event has become a lot more crowded and may not be a good value anymore. All other reviews are from September events before Disney increased the ticket sales so not as many people. I have been wondering about this also.

We are doing it tomorrow. Just 2 adults so I can’t give a kids perspective but can update with our thoughts tomorrow

Awesome! I am very curious about how many rides you can actually get on during the time frame. We are all adults, DH, DS20, DS18. Are you planning on breakfast before or after the event? I have a 7:00 reservation and initially decided on eating breakfast first, but after reading article, changed my mind.

My plan is to get to the park, eat something light, then ride and do character meet & greets then possibly go back to eat more substantial breakfast. So, we will see how well that works. Our plan is to get to the park as close to 7 or a little after as possible but we just got back from MNSSHP, so less than 5 hours of sleep (yikes)!

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I’m going mid-November, 2 adults and a 7 year old, and will report back. If we can avoid the mass of people that will arrive at rope drop in TSL and get a couple rides on each attraction I expect we will find it worth it to us.

I am leaning towards it as well unless recent attendees give feedback that DW pushed the ticket sales too high.

Here is my “report”: we loved it! That’s the high level. Here’s the details. We arrived at HS around 7:00 am (incidentally, we are at All Star Music and a Lyft was only $2.50 and they drop you off waaay closer to the park entrance compared to buses. We priced a minivan and it was $23, a cab at our hotel was $15).
Security was easy, no issues. Our plan was to grab something light to eat first but people were lining up outside of TSL and FOMO set in so we walked that way. At 7:15 we were let back into the land and rides were open.
This is the crowd at that point

We stopped for the first two photo pass shots (one or two people were in front of us). I loved the pictures but they look slightly dark - waiting until it was brighter out would have been better but they are still good shots

Our other plan was to hit TMM and A2S before SDD but DF (Disney fiancé) had other ideas so we headed for slinky dog. We did take our time taking pictures and just soaking it all in so it was 7:30 when we got in line for SDD. We waited about 6 minutes and we were on the ride. It was actually nice to walk through the queue, so cute!
By 8:10, we had ridden everything once (no wait at all for TMM or A2S) and walked all around, taking lots of pictures. We rode SDD again and then headed for breakfast.
There was no line to speak of at breakfast and the food came out quickly (tried the hot items). We took our time, had to check in to our flight home and left breakfast around 8:50. We stopped at Star Tours to see if they were letting people on and they were! We walked right on. We then headed to ToT and that was a 5 minute wait (it was around 9:30). Finally we hit RnRC. It had a 25 min posted stand by wait but we got in line at 9:50 and were in the pre-show by 10:00.

So, long story short - we are glad we did it. But, we are only here for 1 1/2 days so this was really the only way we felt we could do it. Was it worth the $? For us, it was but you can easily ride everything once in under 30 min. So, you could be ready to leave before the park even opens. We experienced virtually no lines. We did not do the character meet and greets but those looked to have no more than a dozen people in line at any time we walked past. If you only want to ride each ride once; doing rope drop and trying for FP+ may be better. A2S was ok but once and done for us and I’d never wait in line for it (we have no kids and it’s just too short of a ride to be worth it, for us).

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll try to help. Our morning was definitely not oversold and lines were virtually non-existent but who knows what other days/times of year could look like.


Thank you so much for the review. I think we are going to keep this. It sounds like a great way to experience Toy Story Land without being super crowded. I think we will wait until after the event to eat breakfast also.


Thanks for the reviews and feedback. I just booked EMM for late January.

Thanks for the review! This is what I was hoping for!