EMM and Buses

My trip is coming up in 10 days and I could not be more excited!

Question: my goal is to get on an EMM to Animal Kingdom. EMM is at 8am that morning. We are staying at Port Orleans-Riverside. My first idea was to be at the bus stop at 7am and hoping to be at the park by 7:45am. Is that too optimistic? We have FPP for FOP, so I am not trying to RD that one; I mostly want to get EE, Dinosaur and Primeval Whirl (and maybe Navi River) before our window for FOP at 9:25-10:25am. I am wondering whether or not that is crazy.

I am also curious to know what time do people usually show up at the bus station to get to RD on a non EMM. I was hoping to not get anyone to the bus stop before 8am when the park opens at 9am, but looking for feedback.

Yes, if you get the bus at 7 you will easily be there by 7.45. We usually tried to be at the bus stop for 8 or a little before. If you’re doing FoP at AK though (at RD), the earlier the better. You’ll want to get there and through bag check by 8 at the absolute latest to have a short wait. Of course, if you have a FP that’s slightly less important.

And of course I now realise I didn’t read the question properly at all. I saw EMM which is a paid event at MK and jumped straight in! You’re attending EMH (extra magic hours) at AK, and lots of other people will be doing the same hoping for a shorter wait for FoP. I’d be at the bus stop no later than 6.45, or I’d uber and aim to be there by 7.15. Even if you’re not going to FoP straight away, you don’t want to be stuck behind the crowd that are going there.

If you’re there really early, you should go straight to Navi River, that way I think you will be able to get your must dos done. Otherwise, I don’t think so personally. Navi River will have a long line if you go after EE Dino and PW. I’m not sure what rides are open during EMH at AK, you may want to check if you haven’t already.

You are right! Keep getting confused in the acronyms. Hopefully I can motivate my group to show up at 6:45 at the bus stop!

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It’s very early but it’s only 1 morning so hopefully they’ll go with it!