Emigrating to Florida

Not quite wdw related. Any uk liners been able to emigrate to Florida or been able to spend extended time in Florida. Since returning to uk so fed up and seriously considering/ looking into trying to move to Florida. Any advice pros and cons.

Cannot answer your question but have a related one.

As many of us will be looking for a new country to call home come November, depending on the election result, please share what you are fed up with so we can either add or remove UK from our list of potentials.



Ain’t that the truth… And now he’s talking about using our governor as a running mate and she is literally the worst politician in the country. I shudder to think…


Outer you’re from Oklahoma? That makes two of us! Hope you made out okay last night in the storms.

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Not sure if this helps…all my family is in the UK (myself I’m in Canada). My Aunt and Uncle ended up buying a property in Florida and have been able to vacation there for extended time every year. I want to say a couple months in the winter they fly over, stay at their place in Fl and then fly back to the UK in very early spring. The rest of the year they rent out their house to Orlando vacationers.
I could get some more details about the hows/whats/whys if that would help.