EMHs and longer-than-resort-stay tickets

Hello, fellow tourers!

Does anyone know if WDW EMHs are available to us during our whole 10-day ticket (ie. 14 days from the first use), when we have booked only three nights of resort stay at the same time?

Reason for this arrangement is that we have family with us for the first part of our visit, and we have booked cheaper accommodation for that time. After they have left, we plan to celebrate our anniversary at the first resort we ever stayed at WDW :smile:


That’s a good question. I feel like WDW knows, because it’s all linked to your MB, if and when you are staying at a qualifying resort. I’d venture a guess that you would not be granted entry at morning EMH.
However, if you’re already in a park during EMH evening hours, you can stay in the park. You just can’t take advantage of any of the rides/attractions.
Lots of people have magic bands (AP holders for instance). It doesn’t mean you’re staying on site necessarily.

Funny, my first thought was “no way you could get in during morning magic hours before your onsite stay”, and I am sure that will be the “official” wdw response. Then I remembered that there are recent reports of a glitch that has allowed onsite guests to book FPs before and after their onsite stays if their tickets extended before/after- so maybe it will work?

That’s the thing: we are already able to make the FP+ reservations, well before the 30 days normally available. That’s partly what prompted my question. I guess there’s only one way to tell, that is, to go out there and try it out. Nothing to lose, eh?


I don’t think it will work. Offsite guests can make FPP, so you’re making them a little early but you’re not getting an onsite only perk. When they scan your band at EMH they will know you’re not staying onsite.