EMH yes or no

Do you use EMH , mornings if staying onsite. The youngest member wakes up under normal circumstances at 6,30 am. I understand there are no fast passes issue during EMH. I don’t want to be rushing around a stupid o’clock ( I’m not a morning person) so was really aiming for parks by 9am

Up 6.30/7.00. Breakfast shower dress by 8am head to parks. Staying at POR

I’ve read conflicting opinions. EMH are quiet or avoid parks with EMH. What’s your experience

If you’re not a morning person I wouldn’t do them. EMH are great if you are going to be at the entrance at least 30 minutes before they start, you can get lots done. But equally you can get a lot done in the first hour at any park with a 9am opening if you arrive 30 mins before.

There’s no right or wrong answer - everyone tours in a different way.


If you have park-hoppers, use the EMH for one park, and then hop to another to avoid the larger crowds.

If you don’t have park-hoppers, it isn’t entirely clear that the advantage it gives if you get there early offsets the larger crowds that park will have later in the day.

If you just aren’t 100% sure you can get there for rope drop, then I’d skip a park that has EMH and pick a different park.

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Thanks both. We won’t be park hopping as we do not intend spending whole Fay’s in the parks, we are from UK so have unlimited park tickets for fourteen days. Make sense to avoid EMH

I’m from the UK, I want to change my answer! You will be up mega early the first week - like 4.30am - so I’d do your early mornings then. You don’t have to do EMH every day, but I’d at least do a few. Then the second week you’ll be on US time and it will be tougher to get up, then I’d avoid them or do the evening EMH.

Staying onsite, we like to take a break and go back to a different park - we go in summer holidays so the hours are long and the weather is hot!! - not sure when you’re going, it’s not as doable with shorter hours. Though we’ve done plenty of offsite trips where we didn’t take a break, and on those we never hop because getting directly from park to park can take a while.


This is so true! :slight_smile:

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Everyone is different. We are early risers, so AM emh is basically mandatory for us. We get stuff DONE early, and then when the park is crowded later, we can relax and do the stuff that is not “headliner” material, and then, when it’s HOT out, we scamper back to the pool. We usually hop to the least crowded park after dinner to chill and watch fireworks. The amount of stuff you can do early is worth it, imo. The downside, of course, is that staying out late doesn’t happen for us. We’re good with that, tho.

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How early should I arrive for EMH at DHS if I’m not RDing SDD? Specifically, I want to get in ST, TSM, and AS2 before a 9:30 FPP for SDD. Do I need to arrive 1 hr. ahead of RD or can I roll up 15 minutes before? This is on a CL6 day.

I totally agree with what others have told you, I will add the suggestion of having breakfast while you wait to get in the park. I enjoyed waiting to get in the park at HS and EP, as we had arrived an hour early and were at the front, we had brought a blanket, food and drink, it was nice, we hung out in the sun and chatted to those around us. I’m from the UK too, the first two mornings myself and the girls were wandering the resort at 5am

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People looking out of their windows thinking 'crazy Brits’:wink:.