EMH vs non EMH with same CL#

If MK is a 6 on a day with EMH and the next day with non-EMH will there really be a noticeable difference in the park? Same question with Epcot.

We were planning to use the EMH and then just stay because it’s just 2 adults, but now we’re considering doing a DAH one of those nights. I’m just trying to figure out if it may or may not be worth it to swap ADRs (easy to get for the 2 locations) and switch each park day. This would end up putting us at MK all day before doing the DAH that night. And then doing Epcot the next day w/o EMH hours, but it’s a Friday…wasn’t sure if WS would be extra busy as we’re planning to mostly do a WS tour during the day.

We’ve only been to WDW once as adults, but I’ve been trying to read and learn a lot in the last few months. I fear I have a lot of knowledge but not a lot of wisdom - practical application of that new knowledge.