EMH this fall and FPP

For those newly extended EMH hours at HS (below) - does this mean there will be no FPP option until 9am every day?

Yes. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, no FP during EMH.

Bummer. We go the end of October and I think I will hold off on really working on my TPs until more info comes in on GE and impact to crowds and wait times…

I think that’s a good idea. Unfortuately my FPP day is the day before SWGE opens

Just for clarification on, there are no EMM (Early Morning Magic - paid) hours this fall. Only EMH. No FPP for either though.

Sorry, I meant EMH - just corrected on my original posting. I so wish there really was EMM for HS and MK for October!

bethro23 - you made me realize my FPP day is TWO days before SWGE opens… sigh.

sorry :frowning:

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Mine is about a week before, but I don’t really think the high priority FPPs will change.

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I think you are right melcourt10.

Not yet. Doesn’t mean there won’t be for TSL, for example.

Well the EEMHs reference Toy Story Land being open so I don’t see them offering a 4am EMM!

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Do you think there’s a good possibility? That would make my trip! We’re going late November/early December. I’m hoping for EMM at MK too. I feel like that one is pretty likely.

For November I think it’s possible.

Yeah, true enough. But EMM usually only lasts for an hour before general opening. I don’t see why they couldn’t run it from 7:45-9 as they do now on one or two mornings a week.

Like I just posted on another thread, everything is pointing to Rise of the Resistance opening in November / December.

If the EEMH and the EMH at MK and AK works first time, they may just repeat it for that too.

Yes if it opens I agree. But there’s definitely potential there with a Nov/Dec opening for some EMM at least in early Nov if not the whole month.

And it was you who said there might be EMM :woman_shrugging: If it isn’t in Nov, I don’t see it happening at all personally. Though I didn’t think SWGE would open till Jan, so what do I know.

I still think they could run EMM for TSL alongside the EEMH if they wanted to.

It would be a nice offering to families who don’t want to do Galaxy’s Edge.


This!! Although we’ll probably take a peek at SWGE too. :slight_smile:

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