EMH & Park Hopping Advice

I’m wondering if someone might be able to double-check my work to ensure that I’m getting the most bang for my buck and using our time as efficiently as possible with regard to EMH.
Staying onsite at DLR with a 3-day park hopper for Mon-Wed. Our plan is the following:
Monday- EMH @ DCA
Tuesday- EMH (which also happens to be MM) @ DL
Wednesday- EMH @ DCA

At what point would you park hop (to see certain shows? To pull fast passes and go back and forth?) Would it be advantageous to take advantage of either one of the EMHs and then hop over to the other park for rope drop? Or is it more trouble than it’s worth, trying to fight the crowds?
Maybe I’m overthinking it (you can say it if I am, my husband does all the time :wink: )

Yes you should take advantage of all three early mornings, especially since DCA is only reserved just for the on-site guests!

On Monday & Tuesday, take your time to experience a good 3-4 hours at least before hopping. I usually gear to take a midday break at lunch, nap at the hotel if we need it and then we’ll hop to the other park for when we get back.

On Wed though, your plan to hit both EE @ DCA and RD @ DL would work out great to get in as many of the priorities in f both parks which will definitely give you the best bang for your buck! :wink:

Your early morning on Tues in DL will be starting in either Fantasyland or Tomorrowland (since that’s what’s open during early entry) so Wed you can use RD to start on the West side (Adventureland, New Orleans, Critter Country & Frontierland).

And as for the overthinking, you’ll have a huge advantage having some sort of plan, especially with 3 days to fit everything in!

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Agree with @lolabear_la. DEFINITELY take advantage of the EE - it’s really the main reason to pay the crazy prices to stay at one of the DLR resorts. On 3 days, I typically do a full day at each park and then use the 3rd day to catch things I missed the first day and do re-rides. I usually RD at DCA the 3rd day to do RSR, and then try to catch Soarin’ before the “main” crowd enters. The lines around Paradise Pier are also typically pretty short the first couple of hours.

On a related topic, DON’T use the GC entrance to DCA at RD; go around to the main entrance. The bag check can be VERY slow at GC, and you’ll be behind all of the main gate people going to Carsland. The GC gate is awesome for mid-day breaks.

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Take advantage of Early for sure. We don’t normally hop - takes a lot of time. I would probably have it line up with whenever you would be taking your “break” - if you are so enclined. So if you plan on taking a break at 2 for example and go back to the hotel - that is when I would then HOP back to a new resort. If you are going to a park that has AFTER HOURS - I wouldn’t HOP. I would go to that park FIRST THING when it is the least crowded for the day. Or just go after 4 PM

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Do you mean at WDW it takes a lot of time? OP is talking DLR and from my experience at DLR it has taken maybe 15 minutes once. Usually it’s a quick 2 min walk from turnstiles to turnstiles and then whatever time (usually just another few minutes) waiting in the line to scan your ticket/AP. Best part is no bag check required to hop because it’s only coming in from shuttles/pedestrian walkway or coming in from Downtown Disney.

Ha - sorry - wrong board - thought it was WDW not DL. My bad. yeah - at DL - no problem

:grin: It’s all good! I do agree with you on the hopping at WDW though, well, we’re going our first time in 12 days and I know that I decided not to brave the hopping. But hop without abandon at DLR!

Ok, then, Early it is! It really makes decision making for someone that’s as indecisive as I, easy! :slight_smile: I’m trying not to overthink things, while at the same time using some type of strategy to maximize our time. Plus I’m excited so I spend a lot of my time daydreaming about our time there hehe

This feels like a stupid question. I’ve never been to Disneyland. If you’re actually staying at GF, is it still not recommended to use that entrance to DCA for EE?

Unless you can be the very first in line at the GCH entrance for DCA, you are better off using the main entrance. They can’t move as many people through the GCH entrance and it puts you into the park off to the side of where they rope things off, especially if you are trying to get to Cars Land first thing.

Ok thanks!

But the CG gate is excellent for mid-day breaks!