EMH or try for FOP fastpass?

I was planning on going to AK on the first day of our trip for EMH. I’m wondering if going the 2nd day of our trip would give me a better shot at FP for FOP, but then we wouldn’t be there for EMH. Which is worth it? AK later in our trip won’t really work, it would have to be the first or second day. Assuming I can’t get a FP 60 days out, if I keep checking daily do you think I’ll catch some that have popped up? It’s a group of 3 during peak times. I’m thinking we will RD FOP whether or not we get a fastpass.

My quick .02:
if both days you are going will be high crowd times, AND you will be rope dropping, AND you will be paying for emh, I might give the nod to doing the emh. The best thing would be for you to be there an hour before emh starts.

Thanks! That’s how I have it planned for now. I hope I get lucky and can snag a FP!

FWIW I was able to get FOP FPP for our party of 3 on our second Disney day and during spring break when many days are predicted to be CL 9.

I don’t understand why I couldn’t get one for a party of 4 at 60 days out when the crowd level was predicted to be a 3 at AK? I’ve done this many times before, so I’m not sure what went wrong?

I don’t know. It seems random sometimes. I couldn’t get them when we went on low CL day last year but for some reason got them on a high CL day this year. And both times I tried right at 7 am 60 days out and it was the first FPP I searched for. It doesn’t make sense.

Longest queue I’ve even seen for anything anywhere in the world when we rope dropped FOP on an EMH day

I would be tempted to rope drop on a day that isn’t EMH

You don’t have to get up so early to be at the front of the queue to get in the park for a start

And the closer the front of the queue you can be the less time you will queue (once in the park)

I think EMH for AK makes the ropedrop crowds bigger than ever as well

The issue in my opinion with FOP Fastpasses is that Disney Resort Guests that have check in up to a week earlier than you, snatch them all up before you have an opportunity. The strategy I will follow for FOP Fastpasses for our July trip, is that right at 60 days out at 7:00 AM I will attempt for a FOP fastpass on a day later in our 8 day trip first. There should be fewer folks snatching them up at that time. RIght after that, I will attempt for an earlier day.

We were there in December but were staying off site. No dice whatsoever on a FOP Fastpass. (this is inadvertently becoming another perk of resort guests). So, we jumped in the queue an hour before closing. It took about 90 minutes but we did get to ride.