EMH mornings

I would love to use the EMH because we will be staying at WDW. However what would happen if we arrived not quite at the opening for EMH but 15 or 30 minutes later? Can we get in and to the rides or will we be caught in the crowds waiting for the regular entry time?

You’ll be admitted with your Magic Band. However, by the time you really get into the park you’ll only have about 30 minutes or less to take advantage of the time. (1 or 2 rides)

It’s still better than waiting with everyone else, but it’s best to get there 20 - 30 minutes before EMH happens.


thanks, I was afraid of that.

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I think it will partially depend on the rides you are looking to do. If you want SDD, 7DMT, or even things like Buzz, you will start to run into a back up, but if you are looking for “smaller” rides or anything that is not Pandora at AK, you will still get to ride them with relatively little wait.
It is also going to depend on EMH time. A 6am opening will be a lot different from 7 which will vary significantly from an 8.
The other thing to note is that EMH will usually start a bit early in certain areas. Pandora and TSL consistently open 15 minutes prior to the advertised opening of EMH so arriving 30 minutes in puts you 45 minutes behind.
You will back up behind people getting into the park and miss out on time. I highly recommend that you take advantage of the total EMH time. It is crowded, but you can still move more quickly, especially with a good strategy.

Thanks for the detailed reply. We are a family of four adults, three of whom can be early risers, and one of whom will have a very hard time of it. I guess I will just let him sleep in and miss the early fun if he wants to. And the oldest ones will plan to nap every afternoon.

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I’ve never used EMH before, but this is a quick & unexpected trip that was booked less than a week ago! I will have 4 park hoppers and have not yet been to Toy Story Land. As much as I’d hate to be at DHS at 5:30AM, is it really possible to do all the rides there before the park is officially open? I should mention I’m going Oct 4th thru 9th and looking at either 10/5 or 10/9.

If it were me, I’d do it. I’d be there 30+ minutes before EEMH. Not many Moms & Dads are going to wake up the kids at 4:30am to get to DHS at 5:30am.

I’m betting you’ll be able to do MFSR + look around and a big chuck of TSL, if not all, before most people get there at 9am.

I’d stay until 11am - grab lunch somewhere - go take a nap - return after 4pm.

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Thanks for your input. I currently have us at DHS 2 different mornings, I don’t think I can get us there at 4:30am the first morning after we arrive, but I definitely think it’s doable the day we leave. Plenty of time to rest at the airport, and then the plane.

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This is exactly what we are planning to do, too!

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I was thinking about this also, but it’s so early! And our flight isn’t until 4:50 so I know we will be exhausted.

Our flight is 8:30 that night, I’m guessing ME will pick us up around 5pm so I am going to make the most of our day. We are thinking of heading out to DHS first thing, then heading to Epcot for one last lap (my daughter did her DCP there & it’s her favorite) then grab the bus and head to the airport. We’ll be exhausted, lol.

Your DME departure time to the airport will be approximately 3 hours before your flight time. You’ll need to be back at the hotel and ready to leave at that time.

Yes, flight is 8:30 - I’m assuming around 5:30 pick up but wouldn’t want to cut it too close and miss it. I’ve never used ME before.

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I may be the devil’s advocate here but: Whenever we’re offsite, not able to do emhs, I set up plan to avoid EMH days.

Even arriving @EMH exactly @ say 8am, you’re still behind the crowd somewhat. Arriving 30 minutes after 8am, you’re really around 1 hour behind the crowd.

The reason it’s recommended to avoid EMH days if you can’t get there in time: The crowd level on EMH day is always considerably higher than a non EMH day.

I plan our entire week around EMHs, we really love them, staying ahead of the crowd all day.

That said, b/c the crowd by 11am or so increases so much we are sure to leave the park @noon at the latest those days. We don’t do PHs any longer (to save $$) so the afternoon is for rest & pool.

Then we return for the evening after a nice dinner. By then the crowds have diminished enough to make the park navigable again.

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I think you’re my soulmate, lol. I normally avoid EMH at all costs. This is the first time in over 15 years that I am using them.
This trip is only 5 days, we have 4 day park hoppers plus a ticket to MNSSHP. I am traveling with my adult DD & my friend who is an AP/DVC that visits several times a year. However, my friend is only able to go for 2 1/2 days. The main reason for this trip is to visit her DD who is doing her DCP this time around. My DD always goes back this time a year to visit her friends so it worked great for the 3 of us to travel together.
In order to attend the party & visit the 2 parks she wants along with trying to be in the park her DD works at for her departure day my choices were limited.
We finally picked our park days - now I’m off to make FP wish lists and must do’s!

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