EMH Hours Cancelled

I just received an alert that the Early morning hours at Universal have been cancelled during my trip in August.

Does anyone know if there has been any official announcement regarding this?

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Is it just that they have been finalised? TP predict them for both parks until Universal confirm which park they will be at - usually it’s just at one unless it’s very busy. My emails are still saying both for 7-9 August but I expect that to change.

I got the same alert for late August and checked the park hours on my touring plans dashboard – it’s now predicting Islands of Adventure to be opening at 8am.

I also looked at Universal’s Early Park Admission page and they still just have May and June info up. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re switching which park has EPA because of the new Hagrid ride but I don’t know if there’s been any official announcement.

There is usually only one park open for EPA. Universal doesn’t set which one until about 45 - 60 days in advance. They have to know their staffing levels and other Operations criteria. I went to USF / IOA this year & was super excited to see the great park hours - only to have them change 3 times before they were finalized on their website.

TP was accurate in their alerts I was usually able to confirm with the Universal website within a day or two. So if Universal hasn’t posted it - they are probably about to.

What time of year were you there? Did the final hours end up decent?

The predicted hours for August changed a few times in Touring Plans before Universal’s website started showing them last month – at one point it was looking like one or both IOA and USF would close by 6 at least one of the 3 evenings we’ll be there. Now the Universal site is showing both parks open until 9pm all the nights I’m looking at but I know they might change.

I was recently there the last week of April - right after all the spring break vacations, Grad Bash events & Easter holiday (to avoid crows)

They were open 9am - 9pm with EPA at USF each day at 8am

(USF closed at 7pm - one night, but I just hopped over to IOA until 9pm)

Plus, CityWalk stays open until very late 2am for drinks & “adult” fun.

I was there in August last year and I believe one park, if not both parks, were open until about 9 or 10. If you’re showing a closure at 6, it must be due to a private event.