EMH Days vs. Crowd Calendar Forecast

We are planning to go to WDW the 3rd week of April (2 weeks after Easter). We are staying on property.

I’m torn between advice:

  1. Advice to avoid the parks with EMH since they are more crowded those days; but
  2. The crowd calendar for that week suggests that’s not the case so much?

Examples: We were leaning towards doing MK on Weds 4/18 since its crowd day is low for that week and we are going on Friday too (since we don’t want to do 2 days of MK in a row for sheer exhaustion reasons). Good idea? Or should we switch the 1st MK day to Tuesday (early close & no EMH) even though the crowd calendar says it should be higher that day than Weds?

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Is it morning EMH or evening?

It is evening EMH. Not positive if my kids will last to use it - i’m more looking at it re: whether it’s a bad idea to do a day that has it despite the lower crowd forecast that day cmpared to other days that week for MK.

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wondering the same, as I am going during the same time. We are coming from Pacific time zone so I think we will use the the evening EMH tho. I have been looking at crowd calendars. and torn as well.

Advice I got from TG was that if there are EMH and you plan to use them then it’s worth going that day so long as you make a good Touring plan and then DO use the EMH time.