EMH Attractions wrong on Touring Plan?

I was very puzzled when my Optimized Touring plan for an upcoming visit to MK suggested that I NOT use my FP for Jungle Cruise, but instead should ride the Jungle Cruise during evening EMH at MK. According to the TP list, Jungle Cruise is available during evening EMH at Disney, but the Disney site does not list JC as an available attraction during evening EMH. Now I’m concerned about other aspects of the Touring Plan being incorrect as well! For instance, it has me going to Tom Sawyer’s Island first thing in the morning. That seems like a strange use of the first hour in the park.

Hmm that’s a really good question.

Not that it has any bearing but they run JC during late night at halloween and christmas parties as well as during DAH.

I’m also wondering if the wait times for major attractions are really as low as the TP predicts during evening EMH at MK? Can anyone attest?

Thats generally true. Low waits for sure.

Did you Optimize 2x in a row? I notice that after the first Optimization, I get weird results like this.

Tom Sawyer’s Island doesn’t always open early. Disney’s site lists it as 11:00 a.m. through August.

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I will try that, thanks! I’ve tinkered with the plan so much at this point because it just didn’t make any sense to me that I may just delete the whole thing and start over.