Emergency Planning Help Needed

Depends on the 5yo. DS1 - heck yes he’d know. DS2 - I could tell him tomorrow was his birthday and he’d be clueless (he turned 6 in December).

Honestly, I’d take what I could get and hope to move things around if you can.

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I did it in October of last year. I promise, it worked. My credit card was credited (since it is a pre-pay), my name removed, her name added and her credit card charged. It took awhile on the phone with them but it wasn’t an issue.

I’m not doubting you at all. I’m sure if I had known better and called back to talk to a different CM it would have been possible. I guess the moral of the story is call until you talk to someone that can fix it.

Keep in mind MNSSHP will have started around mid-August so factor in the early closing hours at MK since it doesn’t sound like they are getting hoppers.

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Oooh, if they are going to the party there is a special link for dining during the party.

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Which is so crazy, to be honest. Maybe I got lucky? I’m sure they don’t prefer that you do that since it does take extra to “fix”. Super frustrating to not have a consistent message though.

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I think there’s a thread for that :rofl:

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I thought of that. I just checked and the 22nd is not a party day. I tried sending her directions and links for a free basic TP subscription and the reservation finder. How much do you want to bet she is cowering in the corner because I am a crazy woman?


Pretty likely. I’ve had a lot of success with CRT


You’re already doing more than I would have. I’d have said, you should just keep taking advice from your coworker, they obviously know more than me.

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I’m sure she mostly feels like a giant donkey at this point!

Nah, he is going to be 42 inches!

Lol, I think she, like most people, thought I was crazy to talk to her about dining months ago. She has it all written out in her plan book- just not booked.

She dated your son, how does she not know that you “know” Disney?! I’ve had to learn everything by listening to you guys and reading other blogs. I should be so lucky to have an expert in my real life!


She went with me to Disney too! I think it is just that it was very easy for her when we went before. Think about it- many people pay those non-Disney VIP guides to do basically what we can do for our families. If you don’t know that, you assume it is easy.


I feel like that should be my retirement job when I move to Golden Oak!


If I were you, and you don’t mind, I’d just get her MDE info and do the bookings. The card number only matters if it’s a cancellation. Does she trust you to give you a card number? She could give you one she rarely uses, so if anything happens, it’s easy to cancel, then she can pay with her normal card.

Get the ADRs now. There will be lots left, but maybe not the castle. Just do your best. You’re a good person, helping her.

Oh, yes, book whatever you can, including BOG, since he said “castle”, not “Cinderella’s castle”, right? Yes, double book. You can cancel them in a few days and make someone else’s day.

She has the dining plan so it would be ok but if it is CRT on the 22nd (non party night) we will need to use the reservation finder.

Can I book a BOG if I find one and add her name? She can check in and use the dining plan?

I’d really try to get her credit card info. I’ve helped some family friends, co-workers and neighbors plan. They’ve all asked me to book their dining based on my park of the day suggestions, and all given me their credit card info. And, address, phone etc.

I almost always call to speak with a person. Booking their ADRs has always gone smoothly.

I don’t know about setting up a reservation one way and changing. With the time constraints, I’d try to keep it simple.

Eta: personally, I’d get a calendar, pencil in EMH days, try to figure park days, what dining can work. There’s quit a lot of green in August - maybe FPs will be easy to get or not really needed.

Our trips with five year olds - boys or girls - really revolved around meeting characters. Especially at meals. Often those M&G FPs are available late in planning. We took 7 year olds - boy & girl - to Akershus. The boy’s mother was surprised to discover he was so smitten with Aurora. But then I suspect the boy hasn’t really known it prior, either.


I got her MDE log in at 4:00 today. So far:

Day 1: arrive at MCO by 10am- DME to Movies, MK, dinner at CP 4:40 hoping for 7DMT, Bug Thunder, Splash (he is 41 inches)

Day 2: AK- 2:20 Tusker RoL package. Thinking Navi, Safari- FoLK?

Day 3: EP- Soarin? Garden Grill 4:40

Day 4: either AK or HS- which one? Night will be DS and Raglan

Day 5: MK- 5th birthday- need CRT- they have that dessert party dinner package so it has to be breakfast or lunch- BOG dinner for castle and beast as 2nd ressie finder look

Day 6: MNSSHP- I have said 5 times today- need tickets!

Day 7: HS- late start- SDD- should I book dining here? How about that ABC QS ADR?

Some facts: They have 7 nights DP, 6 day tickets. They will never make rope drop…