Emergency Number 112

I came across this article on my facebook page and felt it was important enough to share out here though it has little to do with WDW. The article shows a black ford mustang with flashing blue and red lights above the front in the front window. This supposed police vehicle was trying to pull over a vehicle in front of him. The girl in the vehicle in front was told to never pull over for a police vehicle at night without calling 112 (a listed emergency number for the HP dispatcher in all 50 states), and ascertaining wheather it was indeed a police car trying to pull her over. She did just that telling the dispatcher she would pull over at the next gas station where people were present. The dispatcher then notified her to keep going as she was sending actual police to intercept her and the police car behind her as she had NO cars in the area. The police surrounded her and the fake police car behind her only to find out the person was a convicted rapist and murderer. I know this has little to do with this type of post but I felt there might be an interest as I personally did not know this number existed or it’s use. I apologize for posting off subject and hope I don’t offend anyone but I thought it important enough in this day and age to pass this vital information along.

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911 is still the best option…

112 is used in some parts of the world (primarily Europe). In SOME places in the US, 112 will roll over automatically to 911., but not everywhere.

So, if you only have time to dial 3 digits, and you are in the US, 911 is your best bet.

112 is (as taught in Australia at least) supposed to be accessible using satellites (I.e. you have no signal on your mobile to make a call) and is worldwide, so will redirect your call to the country’s emergency number.

Unfortunately, unless you have a satellite telephone, that won’t help. Most standard mobiles don’t have satellite capability.

This story has been circulating the internet in various forms for at least the past 10 years.

Good to be aware and stay safe, but I question the legitimacy.


It IS true that many mobile phones can dial emergency services (911) here in the US without having a SIM card, or even if the phone is locked or not “in service”. Meaning that any mobile with a battery charge and a carrier signal can dial emergency services.

No they don’t. Here, the main function is that you can call from a locked phone (although strangely, they also say from a phone with no sim card. Who has no sim card in their phone?)

It also wouldn’t be much help to many Aussie’s travelling abroad, as not all of our mobiles work on the same frequencies as other countries. My phone isn’t compatible in the US but DHs is.

Oh that’s interesting. Ours can’t do anything if they are locked. If it’s prepaid (eta-and out of credit) it still can call 000, and I vaguely recall that if the sim isn’t installed it should work also.

You are right… phones have to be on compatible networks… GSM or CDMA etc. with the appropriate radios in place…

Also, I have several old phones that no longer have SIM cards in them (girls play with them). But if I charge the phone and turn it on… it can still call 911.

Point is. Wherever you travel - especially internationally - a 5 minute internet search will tell you what you need to know about reaching emergency services wherever you are.

911 is fairly universal here in the US, but still, not 100%.

One night after working late I drove my boss home after dropping him off I was followed by a car very close to my bumper. I made several turn and they were still on my bumper. I was scared to pull into my house (did not want them to know where I lived) I circled my neighborhood and they still followed so I drove to the police station, that is when they took off.


Internet tripe https://www.snopes.com/crime/warnings/fakecop.asp


Thanks so much for doing a little research on my post Brkinck. I got it via my facebook acct. and thought it was worth posting. Guess all I can say is the number may not work as stated and you probably are better off calling 911. If this situation ever does find you, you are going to have to make the decision on what to do. Unfortunately this situation does happen and in this day and age you can’t be too careful. Be alert to danger and stay safe out there.

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