Email with massive drop in crowd level

Hello all!
I’m seriously questioning the email I received yesterday. My trip dates are 2/18-23 and some of my days dropped so much that there must be a glitch or something. AK down to a 2 and HS down to a 1. The week starts with President’s Day and ends with a marathon. Am I missing something?

Lol, yes, I received it too. I am ignoring it.

I also got decreased crowds for my future trips. Have the powers that be said anything (on blog, forum, twitter) about this update and what may have contributed? Sometimes they say this update was after “we got new info about school schedules” or whatever but I haven’t seen anything.

Mine had a link to more info in the email. Did you click on that and read their explanation? I haven’t yet, so I don’t know if doing so would answer your questions, but it’s a good place to start!

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Thanks–that’s what I was looking for but didn’t see it on the blog for some reason. The details didn’t really shed light on my specific dates. It looks like TSL is drawing smaller crowds than TP expected and that hype for Pandora is leveling off. Love the data aspect of the TP site!!!

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Here’s the blog post. It was in the email but I don’t know why it doesn’t show when you just go straight to the blog.

Ok, and this is really odd, but my actual dates are 2019 and it somehow knows I’m tracking those? I had thought I was just fake tracking the 2018 dates. When I click on the date in the email it says:

"This date is more than 365 days in the future!
We predict the crowds a year in advance.

TP is clairvoyant now!!

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You don’t have a trip set up on your dashboard?

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Oh ok, DUH! Yes I do.

Well it is kind of nice that now I know the actually 2019 predictions and don’t need to use my faux 2018 dates. I just didn’t think they were even calculating that far out.

Interesting! The February changes directly contradict what the new changes say. The post says my trip falls during the busiest week of the month but some days now say crowd level of 1 and 2. Those crowds would be beyond magical!

Yes, this is a screen shot of some of my President’s week numbers:

Like I said, I am not paying any attention to it :wink:

Also kind of interesting that there were no Epcot changes for either of us. I assumed that it was because my trip is F&W.

At least you have the positive aspect of last Feb’s "reduced capacity testing " having been a failure.

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