Email from Disney Research

Just got an Email from Disney research and it starts out " Thank you for your recent visit to the Walt Disney World ® Resort. We hope you had magical experiences while you were here!"
I haven’t been to WDW in 6 months. I don’t like to open strange emails. Has anyone else got this? The only thing that I have done, that is Disney, is navigate around this site and Len’s new Tour Plan format.

It should be from a “” email. The website that it links to as well.

I keep getting one about a recent visit to Disney Springs. I have not recently been to Disney Springs.

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Same! We were at WDW for 2 days recently but didn’t go to Disney Springs. I rented some points that were used so I thought maybe the renters had been there. Suppose it could just be Disney IT being Disney IT…

Same. Specifically asking about my DS visit on Nov 1st. I haven’t been to Disney since august


I know it’s unlikely.

But, hear me out: do you think that Disney IT is being…wonky??

(not poking fun at anyone - spam emails are scary - just poking fun at Disney IT because they make it so easy)

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voraciously checks email to see if it went out on a Tuesday.

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