Email about FastPass+ Change Notification

I picked fast passes online a few days ago, Now we have gotten 2 emails saying the time has changed, but the start time they email is the same as the time I picked a few days ago.
the text of the email is like this :

"There has been an unexpected change in the operating schedule of an attraction or show during your upcoming Walt Disney World® visit. Your FastPass+ selection for Star Tours – The Adventures Continue from 7:10 PM to 8:00 PM on [date redacted] is no longer available.

As a replacement, a new selection was made for Star Tours – The Adventures Continue from 7:10 PM to 8:10 PM on [date redacted]. "

Has anyone else gotten emails like this? . Does this mean that the park hours were extended to 9 PM instead of 8 for Hollywood studios ?

Since you are on the web, the easiest way to tell if the park hours have changed would be to go to MDE and check the park hours for whatever day you are referring to. - ok, snark aside:

If there is no change to your selection, don’t worry about it at all. Has the END time on your selection changed? You’ve said that the start time of your selection was the same as you picked a few days ago. Was your fastpass window 7:10 to something besides 8:10pm?

As far as the emails, I’ve gotten a few of them in the past.I’m pretty sure they blast out emails to anyone with a fastpass selection during the times something gets changed - even if it was changed and then switched back - like if someone tinkered with something by mistake. I’d only get in a huff if you get an email that says, “The operating hours have changed, and we have selected a fastpass for a DIFFERENT attraction…” and then they throw some other ride in its place."

So, what was the original end time for your fastpass?

I did when MK hours were extended. My original FP was for 7:30-8:00 and now it is for 7:30-8:30.

After I typed this in , then I checked and saw that , yes, the park hours had been extended. It might have been less alarming if the Disney email had just said that. It can be a little concerning to see an email that says your fast pass has been unexpectedly changed . It sounds like a bad thing, when in this case it was really a good thing . More time in the park , yay !