EM Hours

Okay, another question, as I am sure that I will think of several since our trip is only three days away. I have checked the park hours for EMH, and I was wondering if those hours were likely to change, or if they would be set in stone at this point? A friend told me that they sometimes add EMH on the day of. As of right now, I get to experience the EMH at MK, HS on Wednesday morning, and Epcot on Thursday morning, and that is it for the five days that we are going to be at the parks.

At three days away, it would be unlikely for them to change the schedule - although I suppose anything is possible, especially with how insane things are there over the 4th of July…

Here is another silly question: We have a 5 day hopper pass, basically for July 4th through the 8th. Only July 3rd, MK has the EMH from 1 am until 3 am. Would that be considered July 4th? In case I got brave, and wanted to go really late at night if my mil could keep an eye on my 4 year old. Or, would that still be considered July 3? I don’t want to mess up my days, since the five day hopper pass will start its five day countdown as soon as it is first used. I would hate to try to get into the park on July 8 and be denied access!

That is the 3rd.