Elsa dress too hot for parks?

My 4yo wants to dress as Elsa while at MK. I'm looking specifically at the Elsa dress on the Disney Store site. Does anyone already own this, and do you think it will be too hot to wear? We are going in Dec, and I know temps can vary a lot, but I'm just not sure about the long sleeves. Thanks!

We own that dress. The fabric of the chest and sleeves is actually very thin and the air will go right through it, so on a cool day it could even be chilly. But the whole thing is very big and bulky and heavy when you get down to the skirt.

With my DD, who is now 7 but started going to WDW at 5, I always indulge her desire to wear a princess dress, but I also always have some backup clothes ready and waiting in the bag. After a little while, she's usually ready to get back into something more comfortable.

I don't have the dress, but in general these costumes are not made of very breathable fabric. I would think that in December, it would be fine, and you may need to add a layer underneath - but whatever you decide to do, I would definitely bring a change of clothes for her just in case she gets uncomfortable.

Could she maybe just wear it part of the day? My daughter wore her Tiana dress last year for breakfast at CRT, meeting princesses and a few more rides. We took it off sometime before lunch.

Planning to bring the same Elsa dress for our December trip and wear it for meeting A & E (assuming I get my FPPs!). But she won't wear it the whole day. It would be too uncomfortable after a while getting in and out of rides (I'm looking at you Space Mountain!)

What we like are the fancier princess nightgowns that can substitute for costumes. For example, here's Anna and Elsa at Kohls. (They also have toddler sizes on the site as well.)




We've had great luck with the nightgowns in the past. They are always more comfortable and the roll up better for traveling (no tulle or stiff fabrics).

You could just bring a change of clothes. We went last month in August. Super hot. My daughter wore an Anna dress. Even though the material was thin, it had long sleeves. I was so worried about her wearing it in the heat. However, she wore it on three of our park days and was totally fine. I told her if she got hot she could change, but she never wanted to.

It will be fine especially in December. I always have a tank top and shorts on the princess underneath, so if she decides to revert back to normal kid mode we just pop the dress off. Have a back up but know many girls LOVE and hang with the costume all day especially in winter.

I would think the dress might also get damaged climbing out of rides or trip up the wearer. That would have been my DD's issues anyway! She used to change after the glow of the M&G wore off smile

My DD6 wore a cotton Elsa dress in the parks. It was August so it was silly hot but the dress is not nearly as fancy as the disney store one.

Oh wow, @teamcooyon, she’s a cutie! Thanks for all the opinions. I went ahead and ordered it, and will be bringing along the extra clothes. We always go in December, and the weather can vary so much! Now that I have the coveted dress (as well as the Anna one for one of my other daughters,) I hope I can get the fastpasses :smile:

Maybe this ones too hot!