Elf on the Shelf while at Disney?

Do you bring your elf with you? If so, any cute ideas of things for him to do while we are at WDW? We will be there from Dec 10th-Dec 17…I bought this outfit off of etsy, but wondering if I should stage some pictures of things he is doing at home while we are gone wearing this outfit, or bring him along in our suitcase. :slight_smile:


Stage him and save yourself the hassle while on vacation.

Thats exactly what I was thinking to do…

Either way ,stage or take along. The kids get such a kick from EOTS. Luv the costume! !!

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File this under “oh hell no!”

I can’t wait til we outgrow this damn elf…


A guy I work with lost 1 Xmas gift last year ,for cleaning up the “snow” angel the elf made. Don’t mess with the elf. :wink:


We went a couple years ago during EOTS time. We did the staged photos, but had my mother in law send them when she checked on the house. The kids were excited each day to get the text from Nana to see what the elf had done, and we didn’t have to worry while we were there.


I would bring him along!! We left him home up until last year, and I’m so glad we brought him! We kept it simple, I transported him buried deep in my carryon, and when the kids were asleep just set him out, literally on a shelf, Lol…the Disney themed shelf/pegs to hang stuff on in our room. They were SO surprised and excited to see him! We keep it simple, none of the super creative messes or anything extravagant, but they loved waking up to see where he’d be in our Disney room. I’d do it! And post pics lol. In fact we are taking him again Nov 27-Dec3. Never sure when the kids last EOTS year will be and I love that they have some memories of him at Disney! But I’m a huge sap… :smile:


I need this outfit for him…we’re going to be there around that time as well! Can you post Etsy link?

Here it is! They also have super cute girl elf ones, but our elf is a boy. :slight_smile:

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Awesome -thank you!! Ours is a boy too, lol.
We actually got a Mickey ear key chain at the Mercantile in our resort (WL) and put it on him one night, fit him perfectly! :smiley:

Thats a great idea!

Since the Elf’s supposed to be watching the kids, you could also take a picture of him and make it your screen saver, saying that it’s a special elf app for him/her to be keeping an eye on the kids during vacation.

You could also have the kids write a note for their elf before they leave promising to be good and telling the elf where they’ll be, so he’ll know to be watching through the ‘elf-cam’ you’ll set him up with (say and old phone or in front of the TV?)


@t9383 - I came across this on my Instagram and thought of this thread! Our elf’s first appearance this past December, kids woke up to see him on this shelf in our room at WL. :slight_smile: We had fun with him there. Have you decided?


LOVE THIS!! I think we will bring our Bernard…it will make more work, but I dont know if we will come another Holiday where they still believe in Bernard like they do now…so its worth it for the memories. :slight_smile: I decided that the day we are going to ride on FEA I will have him wear his winter coat and leave the girls a note about staying warm around elsa. Thats all I have come up with so far. :slight_smile: