Elevators at Boardwalk

I was trying to find a map of the Boardwalk Resort to locate the elevators since I could only see elevators off the lobby area.

But the more I search, the more I could only those elevators in the map. Could this be true? Effectively only one bank of elevators for all of the villas?

My original thought was to try for a 4th or 5th floor for the view…but if we aren’t near the elevators, this means either an added walk or a climb up several flights of stairs at the end of the long day.

Just hoping someone could confirm.

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Yes, only the one bank of elevators closest to the main lobby. We were at the far end of one of the wings, and it was quite a walk.

Edit: this is for Boardwalk Villas, not sure about Boardwalk Inn

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Bummer. Okay, then. Well, I guess this might change what our room preference is (if we even get a say). Perhaps picking a lower floor is better so we don’t have to rely on the elevators.

there’s an elevator by the bellevue lounge - but that might just be ground to first?

Sorry, saw you meant the villas - yes only one set that i know of. i often duck outside from an exit depending on where i’m going.

Yeah…villas. Sorry. It was kind of hidden in that post! :slight_smile:

I’m surprised by this (not having more elevators)…but it is what it is.

i usually either try for one all the way down the hall by HS (duck out exit and walk to HS or walk back up the main car entrance) or lobby, one extreme or the other. I’m not really a view guy and am usually solo so it’s easier for me I think.

We stayed at BWV in April, and yes there is only one set of elevators. The hallways are very long, I was surprised by just how long. You want to make sure you don’t forget anything in your room before you leave, the time to go back is not quick!

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I used the TP room request when I rented in August. I did not ask the owner to make a request. Both resorts referred to the requests and tried to get me as close as possible.

Really? For DVC rental, I thought you had to make the request via the owner. If not, that’s good news.

There is a room request info on the MDE online check in page as well . I’m also renting DVC points.

This was for my rental that I believe is the same process you are using? I actually had to wait a little while for my BLT room since they really wanted to make sure “it was the same view” I requested.

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Okay. Thanks for that. Great to know. I was feeling a lot of pressure to get our room preference decided before Jan. 1.

When I have called DVC as an owner to make requests it has locked in my general request in MDE online checkin. For example, at Copper Creek I usually call and ask for an upper floor and during online check in, upper floor is set. I might have been lucky but I think the TP request worked better.

I rented DVC points at BWV in September and just used the Touring Plans room request system instead of going through the owner. Our room was fantastic, exactly what we wanted.


I’ve stayed at BWV twice now - mostly recently 3 weeks ago. The first time I was on an upper floor far from the elevators. We would usually just take the stairs down and exit into the pool area or side of the boardwalk near the waterway. Last month we stayed very close to the elevators and it was much easier, obviously. (But I have to admit that we really didn’t have any complaints during our first stay - but after staying close to the elevators, I would recommend that over the long walk to the other end of the wing!)


I’m leaning now toward not requesting a preference through the person we’re renting from, and just using the TP room request system…and then, request a room “close to elevators on any upper floor, or if not close to elevators, a room on the first or second floor.” I’m not sure I have a specific room request preference if we are in a standard view room. While a few rooms might be slightly better than others, I’m not sure it matters enough.

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That’s how I felt when requesting standard. For my next trip the debate is do we want first floor again or try higher to have some sort of “view”. I really liked convenient of 1st at our Poly stay. Esp with a stroller…