Electrical Water Pageant thoughts

Thoughts? From the pictures, it doesn’t seem terribly impressive. I mean, if we happen to be around when it was going on, we’d stop to watch it. But I’m wondering if anyone feels it is worth making an effort to go see.

Oh, nevermind. I see there is another thread about this one already! :slight_smile: You can go about your business.

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Darn…I was gonna answer with incredible insight and mind-numbing wit…nevermind…


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From you? I would expect nothing less. :smiley:

LOL I thought you were gonna say exactly the opposite !!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Well, if you really want me to resort to insults. Fine. When I said I would expect nothing less, I was referring to the “mind-numbing” part. :wink:


I can’t find the other thread and not sure if I commented, so just in case: I find it very underwhelming and would personally make an effort to avoid it rather than see it. I find the music annoying and it’s just a bunch of light figures moving slowly.

Edit: to add, I also have memories of watching it as a kid. Even back then I wasn’t feeling it :joy:

I love the EWP! It’s very old school, but then it dates back to 1971. It made it’s debut on the day WDW had it’s official opening. A few updates along the way, but basically the same technology! I agree the music can be loud, depends on the wind of course.

When we stay at Bay Lake, I miss it if we don’t have a proper Bay Lake View villa.


I love it because I remember seeing it when I was little (I was born the year Disney opened) and it brings back memories of watching it with my grandparents. But, I would imagine for most people who don’t have the nostalgia factor, it is very underwhelming and not something to go out of the way to see

Oh I love it! But the we watched it almost every night at fort wilderness on my very first trip nigh 30 years ago. So it is pure nostalgia :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I know its cheesy and the music sounds like a carnival but there’s just something about it that my family and I love. We like to guess each movie that’s being lit up with the music (which is not very easy sometimes) and it just feels like you are watching something from long ago, which technically you are. Its old school WDW and you cant say that about a lot of stuff at Disney.

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I think it’s great serendipity. I treasure the times we were doing something and happened to catch it. But I think if we scheduled an event around the EWP, it would inevitably be disappointing. It’s fun to run into and enjoy for awhile, but it’s not a can’t miss moment at all…

I love it. My family now hates it after room right on the lagoon at Contemporary last year. We heard it every night. Loud and clear.

Like others, I enjoy it mostly because of the nostalgia. I remember asking my parents to stay up late to watch it back in the '80s. If it is convenient for you to check it out, then do so, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it.

We had the same issue! Woke up each morning to the sounds from Chef Mickey and were interrupted in sleep by the water parade each night. We ended up putting on the sleep timer so the tv would shut off after the parade in hopes of staying asleep. Now, I travel with a white noise machine.

Hmm. This is good to know. We do plan to stay on the theme park side, so hopefully that will help…but you have me wondering about Chef Mickey’s in the morning. Perhaps it would better to stay at Bay Lake Tower, Theme Park View to avoid some of the noise?

It’s weird but we stayed one night in a Theme Park view room and we didn’t hear it. Maybe we were just so exhausted we didn’t notice, but I remember mentioning it to my mom since she wasn’t with us the time we had the Lagoon view. I don’t think we were on a higher floor to account for the difference. Maybe we were closer to the Chef Mickey side when we had the Lagoon view, but it wasn’t a lot.

Okay. Maybe when we put in a room request, we’ll request one further away if possible. I’d rather stay in the Contemporary rather than BLT for this one night (our final night). Rooms look nicer, are bigger, and they have King beds instead of Queen. But noise might have been a deal breaker! Although, I usually bring a noise machine anyhow, since I sleep with one even at home.

I always use the White Noise app when we travel. There’s even a setting to turn your phone into a low light bedside clock. It effectively blocked out EWP at Contemporary and Friday night Boardwalk ruckus this trip.