Electrical Parade Viewing/Dinner Package

I’m a big fan of the Electrical Parade. I heard about the new viewing package option at Tony’s. I was trying to book a ADR for October but noticed there are only a few dates available. Up to the end of August, every day is available for the package. WDW site says there is a parade on the date we will be there but there is no option for the dining package. Any thoughts on this?

I haven’t heard anything about the viewing packages, but the reviews of Tony’s are less than stellar.

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Maybe they aren’t released yet for October. They could be trying it out this summer to see how things go and release them later.

It’s my understanding that these packages just became available today, and I know that they weren’t available yesterday when I was planning for my trip in early August. It could be that the reason why they don’t have ADRs available for October because they are waiting to see what the demand will be for the Dining package, especially since you can’t at this point in time use a Disney Dining Plan Credit on it, you have to self-pay.

The viewing packages have never appealed to me. We have never had an issue finding a place to view it. We usually watch between Liberty Square and Frontier land. Need to get there about 15 minute ahead and it is cool.

Thanks for the feedback. Whether or not to eat at Tonys wasn’t in question - the wife is a Lady and Tramp fan and we’ve never eaten there so we already have an ADR. After thinking about it, watching the parade from the front of the park isn’t my best option - that day is an EMH day so we will be staying late for rides and skipping the fireworks so i’ll be better off in another location instead of fighting the crowds on Main Street.

They may be waiting to see how popular they are before extending them into the Fall. Also, with the MNSSHP going on, they might not do them at all. FWIW, I have never found Tony’s to be bad; certainly no worse than other MK TS offerings - and better than some. Not “great” food, but there isn’t really ANY "great"food in the MK.

I would not be going to Tony’s any time soon. I think their pairing of these things together reflects low foot traffic through this establishment which leaves a lot to be desired. It’s better value if you use DDP credits; no way no how would I pay $45/adult for the food there which I have never heard anything good about.

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I agree, the price is pretty high, and for that reason I wouldn’t do it. I’d be more likely to just have dinner at Tony’s and find my “usual” spot in FrL to watch the parade. But as I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve never noticed that Tony’s was having a hard time filling tables; it’s usually pretty mobbed. As far as food in the MK goes, Tony’s really isn’t a bad choice - but I have to admit that most of MK days end with a dinner OUTSIDE of the park…

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