Elana of Avalor meet and greet?


Is Elana of Avalor only available to meet at Fairytale Hall in MK? I wasn’t able to get a FP for her any of the days that we are there 11/23, 11/26, 11/30. I’m wondering what the best time of day would be to do standby and what kind of wait would be expected? Does she participate in any of the character meals?


We went during spring break in april and we hit it after we did a few RD rides but before our FPP started, probably around 10am and we had a 10 minute wait. Most people are thinking rides still at that point. We like to get a couple meet and greets since those are important to my kids.


You can get a good estimate of the wait times on your exact day/time by inputting your dates at the end of this URL:


So just change the date and month at the end of it and you’ll see some estimates.


I don’t think she meets anywhere else, but if you still prefer a FP, don’t give up. Keep checking and there’s a reasonable chance that someone will cancel and you can get.


I met her with no wait right before closing of MK.