Eight Days...Not Going to Park Hop....New Questions

Igonore this: Thinking of six days at the beginning of March. I haven’t park hopped since 2001.

Under today’s circumstances/policies, how would you divide up your six days for the best benefit? Or would you just do one park one day?


If all parks were listed at a 10 on one of your days, which park would you go to?

Good question, following and curious where you are staying?

Off site right near 192 and I4.

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Off site, six days, I would probably not bother with park hoppers depending on a few things. I would do 1 park per day, and then an extra day at HS and either EP or MK, depending on who is going.

But it really depends on what you and your party wants to prioritize.

On the other hand if there aren’t many of you in your party, the extra cost isn’t that much. More people and you save more, which could be used for something else.

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It’s just 2 of us…both adults.

I kind of want 2 days at EP for the F&G. But I feel like you need 2 days at HS now, too.

HS to EP is an easy hop. If you plan on being out all day without a mid day break at your hotel, hopping to and from other parks may not be worth it with the extra time it takes up.

Yes at least 1.5 days at HS is probably needed.

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I see. With just two of you, I think I might then go ahead with park hoppers.

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I would rope drop MK and HS twice each and close out the night twice at HS, EP and MK. On your AK day I’d personally hop to HS since it closes earlier and there are less attractions and currently no nighttime shows. MK/EP and HS/EP are easiest to hop between.


We are going early Feb. Plan is to combine park hoppers and G+ with a lunch time break. Staying some on-site and some off-site but nearby. Since we will drive regardless I don’t see it being much different. My thought is that HS will be an afternoon park getting G+ afternoon times at HS while going standby at AK or EP in the morning. For MK I thought it would be sometimes a morning and sometimes an afternoon park. Maybe occasionally an all-day park depending on standby and G+.

Plan is to rope drop and then leave around 10 am. Come back around 2pm and close out the afternoon park. Depending on how G+ is working, a third park is an option.

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I would do Full day:

  • MK
  • HS

I would then park hop with:

  • AK and an afternoon park (either MK or EP for more F&G)
  • HS and EP (or MK)

Then use the last day to finish anything you did not get to or to double-back on what you want to do again.

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We had park hoppers for our trip the week after Thanksgiving. We did this:


We typically only do a half dayish at AK. We took afternoon breaks on day 1-3. We intended to on day 5 as well, but it didn’t work out, so we didn’t stay until close at Epcot. The last day we wanted to see our 3 favorite parks before we left. We had park reservations for HS, but the rest was planned on a whim. We only did G+ one day on day 2 and stacked for MK. We stayed onsite and utilized EE. We got BG 12 for Remy on Epcot day (DH barely looked at how to get one the night before and is just that good. He’s my teenager that’s good with technology). We did every attraction we wanted at least once, some more than once.

We enjoyed hopping and changing it up. I thought our last day was fun, even though we didn’t get on a lot of headliners for MK and Epcot that day. We did get to do SDD, TSMM, MMRR, MFSR and ST that morning. All 3 of those parks were busy that day.


This sounds like so much fun to me!

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For hopping for my next trip, my goals are to slowly explore world Show case, see AK and HS at night time. So I plan on doing like 2/3 countries a hop.

I would think what your goal would be. I guess I’m Viewing my hops as experiencing the park and not so much rides… but if we do a a ride great!

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Kinda sorta considering a trip in June. Maybe 5 days. Don’t intend to use Genie+ or LL. Barely used FP.

Schedule probably be
one HS/E day
two AK/E days and
two MK/E days.
IF menus get better.

And IF I don’t brain fahrt myself out of park reservations. I suppose they’re here to stay . . .

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I’m on the fence about G+ since we’re off site. I don’t think we need it at AK or EP. I think it could be useful at HS and MK. If I use it at HS, though, I’m guessing I need to make those evening visits since most stuff gets gobbled up there in the morning.

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How would offsite make a difference in G+? G+ is exactly the same for off-site. Getting a ILL$$$ for Rise might be a problem.

I would think Animal Kingdom
Possibly Epcot
Probably not MK
Definitely not HS


I’m not ride centric. We unfortunately visit often enough that we’re going to take in everything we want eventually. :smirk:

The Disney bubble is the draw . . .


It’s the Fancy Rides TM that I’m thinking of. Rise is a priority for us as is Slinky Dog.


AK was where I was leaning.

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