Effect of 50th Anniversary on crowds

I am thinking of postponing our planned Jan 2021 trip to Mid-Late Sept. On one hand, I was initially planning on avoiding everything after May 2021 because I figured that when the summer crowds go away, the 50th anniversary crowds would appear. Like when I scheduled the wedding, it had to be before football season because I didn’t want to know which of my friends preferred football to me. But, now I worry that too much will be missing from Disney for a one-and-only-one trip.

But, looking into it, the ‘anniversary’; lasts for months and months. It can’t be high crowds that entire time, right? I looked in the crowd calendar and it said 1-2. But. I suspect the lock-down numbers are messing up the numbers. I trust the combined hive wisdom.

We will be going for two weeks and the other family that is going with us will be there for the first week.

The Anniversary is officially Oct 1st, but I read that ‘stuff’ starts in August.

So, what think you? Will it be crowded starting the weekend after Labor Day and then for two weeks after that.

It will be crowded all year. 50th anniversary, and all the people who rescheduled their trips.


Where did you read August? I am planning a late September trip (HHN plus DVC points). I was hoping that Disney was expecting nothing would start before 9/26?

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August was in a couple of the blogs speculating on the Covid impact on the anniversary plans. It was in the category of what was planned pre-covid.

I was thinking about that, though, much of the plans were new rides and restaurants. So, that might have been what they were talking about.

Thinking more about this, the girls will be 12, 11, and 10 next year. We don’t want to put the trip off too much before we miss the sweet spot of both liking princesses and can ride all the rides.

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Thinking about this, I wonder if September might be a really good time to go because of the 50th. That maybe those that can go when school is in session will wait until Oct 1st to go.