EEMH Questions

Because my trip was (is) so far away I haven’t been paying a lot of attention to park hours, EMH, and EEMH. Now that I’m less than a month away from my 180, I need to start with at least some basic planning.“Regular” EMH I’m good on; I use it all the time. Is EEMH the same deal but for two hours (e.g. on-site guests only)? Is it still one hour for on-site guests, but with a general opening an hour early? Is it just 2 hours early opening for all? OR is this the ticketed morning event for a few rides and a meal? This is getting all so confusing…

EEMH is just extra magic hours for 3 hours before a regular park opening at 9am for DHS.

MK and AK are getting extra magic hours every day from 7am-8am, with regular opening at 8am.

Anyone staying offsite is hugely disadvantaged.

EEMH only lasts until 11/2 (at least for the moment).

If you aren’t at 180 yet, then as of now, there are no EEMH for your trip. You might want to be prepared for them if they are extended though.

Thank you all!