EEMH crowds in September

How crowded do you all think the EEMH will be in non-HS parks for the first month after SWGE opens? Will someone staying off-site still be able to take advantage of low crowds by arriving for 8am opening despite not being able to take advantage of EEMH?

My crystal ball is currently broken and my magic 8 ball is telling me to check back later! Grr!!! I am of two minds on the crowd levels. On my best days, I think that the WDW crowds will do what Len and Jim Hill talked about what the Disneyland crowds are doing and be surprising low in non-SWGE places. If that is the case, praise be! On my worst days, I envision mass chaos, toddlers throwing tantrums on main street because they are so tired that they can’t function, and adults doing shots of high energy drinks to maintain their intensity to survive EEMH. =)

Seriously though, kudos to anyone who accurately predicts what crowds will do in HS and other parks. I really feel like it is anyone’s guess.

And this is hard for me because I prefer informed planning to guessing. I wish SWGE wouldn’t open at all until 2020, I am not going that year.


I guess I should have asked how EMH mornings normally are. I’ve never stayed off site and tried to arrive at park opening on an EMH morning. If I’ll be at a distinct disadvantage I’ll stay on-site, so that’s why I’m asking…

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I have never stayed off site, but I have arrived late to a park with EMHs and didn’t really feel at a disadvantage because I had a touring plan. I think as long as you have a plan, you will be fine.

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