EEMH and Minnie Vans

Does anyone have any insight on if the Minnie Vans will be available for HS EEMH in September? my trip is at the end of September and we plan on going to HS around 6/630 for EEMH the Monday of our trip. I’ve read in the past Minnie Vans aren’t available until 6:30Am, so I thought I’d see if anyone knows that this might change for EEMH offerings.

I’m not sure if anyone knows yet.

Park buses will start running 1 hour before official park open.



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If the Minnie Vans are running earlier, they may be challenging to get quickly. I found the Minnie Vans were not easily available in the hour before park openings. Mid-day, however, they were available right away during my trip.


Yes, this is very true. We tried to get a Minnie Van at 6:45 am for 7:45 am EMM at MK and we waited for 30 minutes just to get the request to be accepted, then another 15 minutes for it to come. In the end, it worked out, but it was much too close for comfort for me.

At high demand times, I would not depend on a Minnie Van again, or I’d request it super early.


Thanks for all the feedback. We are planning on EEMH at HS just for TSL and then hopping to MK in time for lunch at LTT. I’m thinking we might use the buses to get to HS but maybe use Minnie vans around 10/11 to get to MK instead of the other way around. We aren’t going to be in a super rush as I’ll have my 70YO mother, DS4 and DS1 slowing us down, but we were still trying to make a decently efficient use of time.

Sounds like Minnie Vans might be hard to get for PPO for HS EEMH. What about Uber and Lyft availability that early?.