EE plan advice

We are going to IOA this Sunday and would like some touring advice for EE. I was thinking RD run to VC then HP and forbidden journey then either

Hulk/spiderman/kong then hagrids later anytime
Hagrids (which opens at 9 with the park)

My brain says option one but I know hagrids will just stay long. Super amazing would to jump in line for 2nd ride right before park close but I won’t hold my breath. Thanks everyone!

On low to moderate crowd level days, it has been better to wait to ride Hagrid’s til the afternoon. You can then maximize your EPA time at the other attractions.

A crowd level 4 is predicted for Sunday. A crowd level 4 was observed on Sunday January 9th, so it’s a good comparison. The lowest posted wait was 50 minutes around the 2:30-4:30 time. While I’m sure things will look somewhat different this Sunday, you can get a good idea of what to expect here:

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Definitely curious if anyone has any experience doing your option 2 and getting into Hagrid’s line at 8:30ish. If that’s good enough to have little wait at park opening, it’s probably worth it. If will burn much more than 30 minutes or so in line, probably not.


We crushed EE this AM. We were 2nd at turnstiles and ran to VC and prob on the first cpl of trains. Jumped back in line for a 10 min wait(wife took my 48”inch daughter to hippogriffx2 and Hogwarts) then over to HP land for hogwarts and by that point hagrids already had a huge line outside. Did Hogwarts, kong, spiderman 10 mins each. Hulk had a delay until 2 pm because it was too cold so that messed up everything. Had a pastry and hot cocco, Did dr seus stuff, the JP flyers and a sit down lunch (which was much needed!) Jumped into hagrids at 2 for about 60 min wait and walked around HP land. Then we split up for hulk and hagrids each 60 mins again. Hogwarts one more time and caught the castle light show and walked back out at 6:30. This is definitely the way to go IMHO and i greatly appreciated that line wait breakdown. Helped cement our plan. Now onto Wdw MK!


What time did you arrive to be second in line at turnstile?

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We caught the resort shuttle at 0700(we were down there at 6:45ish). So probably in line at the turnstiles at 7:15-7:20ish? They didn’t let us through until just a tad before 8 then we ran to the right for VC. Luckily ppl still run to hagrids.

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