Edit Touring Plan in App

I’m so sorry if this has been asked but I did a search and couldn’t find the answer.

I’m making a TP in the app but when I go to rearrange the order of things in the “modify” section it refuses to “select” it and nothing happens.

Any tips? I’m using a galaxy S20.
Thanks so much!

When creating my initial plans, I always use my laptop and it’s very easy to reorder steps that way. In park, I use the app to check off when I’ve completed a step, check wait times, time my waits, and to optimize after every couple steps. I also always have one version of my plan that is for reference and a 2nd copy of that same plan which I optimize every so often throughout the day. That way I can reference the original and also optimize day of for the most updated data analysis.

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In your plan you want to go to “evaluate” not modify. Then use the white bars to rearrange your order. It takes a bit to get the right technique with late model samsungs. Don’t press and hold or that will just move your screen, you want to flick the ride up or down.

It works the best for me when I hold my phone in my palm and flick the ride with my thumb.

Then you cam hit evaluate and it will give you the new wait times. Good luck!


You are a genius!! Flicking it? Who knew! :rofl: Thanks so much!!


Chat had to help me out. All I could do was make the screen go up and down until some suggested the flick. Now I have perfected my technique :joy: