ECVs and Alcohol

We just got back this past Monday from our latest WDW adventure. It was fantastic as always.

Nothing scientific here, but there seemed to be a notable increase in the number of ECVs in the crowd mix.

Which brings me to my point. We witnessed ECV operators consuming alcohol. At the Germany pavilion, for instance, we saw a husband and wife riding ECVs through the line and ordering shots of the Berentzen Apple Schnapps. The girl running the kiosk didn’t hesitate to serve them.

I don’t think operating heavy machinery under the influence of alcohol is ever advisable, never mind among crowds saturated with families and children.

Are there any official rules or guidelines in place that address this issue? If not, should there be?


Wow. I completely agree with you - ECV riders should be obligated to be, by a minimum legal definition, sober. This would be impossible to enforce so I think WDW does nothing unless they witness dangerous behaviour. But it would be funny as heck to see a surprise security brethalyzer spot check for ECV drivers leaving the German pavilion…

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No official rules that I know of.