ECV rental recommendation

Can anyone recommend an ECV rental company they have rented from? I know someone posted a list but can’t find the post.

Buena Vista.


This is who I rent from. Their scooters last all day and then some, one night I forgot to charge mine and it went 2 days in the parks and started to run out of power when I got back to my resort. Their scooters start at $25 a day to $40 a day. If you rent for 3 days or more you can save 10% with this code FB10-19.

Thanks @joefishing209
I knew you had rented from someplace besides Buena Vista but couldn’t remember which one. I need one for 13 days, so a discount code will help. :smile:

We rented 2 DW is mobile but after a day in the park she would be done and not able to make anymore days. I need the real big one because of my size and we got a medium size one for DW because we thought her and DD could ride together when we needed to move fast, that worked well for us. This trip we chose to get her a smaller one that the battery comes off to charge so we can leave it outside and have more room in the room.

You get 10% off from Buena Vista if you say you saw their advert in the Allears newsletter, but I think we ended up with a 20% discount because we had it for 2 weeks. It might have only been 15%.