ECV questions, specific rides

I’m not finding what I need several pages deep into google and forum searches, and I know yall know the answer.

First trip with an ECV, my mom has nerve issues that make her legs go numb if she stands very long. Which is super fun when you think you’re gonna fall all the time. Anyway, she’ll be using an ECV and since it’s mobility I’m assuming we don’t qualify for DAS, but she really can’t stand longer than 10m or so. How does that work? Here’s what she wants to ride:



I feel like I’ve seen ECVs in the MMRR line, and I know there’s a separate line at KS for chairs, but she doesn’t need the chair to go on the truck… just needs to not stand for a long time. I know FOP has elevators. We plan to use G+ and ILL

Anyone have knowledge and/or personal experience?


Not with an ECV, but we do with a wheelchair. All the lines you mentioned are ECV/WC friendly. She will be able to stay in the ECV all the way up to load point. KS does have ECV/WC friendly vehicles, so if she’s having a bad day she doesn’t have to transfer. The biggest issue with ECV and lines is in Fantasyland, as most of the rides were built before ADA. Thats where you will have to enter rides from the exit and such.

ETA: If she really can’t stand more than a little bit, when you do ROTR, ask if you can stay in the ECV until you go into the cars, otherwise its a lot of walking and standing.


I was thinking about that on rotr. Didnt know that was an optipn. Thanks!!!

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They’ll definitely let you ECV-through the queue (saw someone do it on my last trip). However, it is a TIGHT maneuvering exercise.

If you can ILL this, since the LL queue is more straight-lines, I’d do it as it’ll save ya a lot of stress

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yes, we’re planning to do that too! the queue is cool but not 3 hour line (we’ll be there the thurs before easter) cool.

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giggity. Yeah the LL line is like a big L and then you’re immediately into the room where they gather people into the briefing room.


We didn’t do SDD or FoP in September, but every other ride my friend stayed in the scooter until we were just in the queue to get sorted onto the ride for everything else except KS. For that we went to that separate loading platform and were lucky enough to have a private safari for the 2 of us.

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for RotR there is a different entrance for DAS that isn’t as curvey. Is this what you are referring to?

Not being well versed with DAS and why it didn’t cover mobility issues I found this in the FAQs

If a Guest’s disability is based on the necessity to use a wheelchair or scooter, are they eligible to receive DAS?

No. A Guest whose disability requires them to use a wheelchair or scooter does not need DAS. Depending on the experience, the Guest will either wait in the standard queue or receive a return time at the attraction based on the current wait time. If a Guest requires additional assistance, they should go to Guest Relations.

I never knew about getting the return time.


I don’t have any knowledge about this directly but the return time may only apply to queues that can’t accommodate wheelchairs or vehicles.

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Yes, it’s for places that use separate entrances. When we were there in June with DM in a wheelchair, we were given return times at Spaceship Earth and Jungle Cruise that I can recall.

We found it easiest to just go straight to the CM at each entrance and ask rather than go on what we’d been told. Sometimes what we’d heard to be the procedure was spot on and sometimes it wasn’t. They def wanted the person in the wheelchair at the front of the party.


Just to clarify, I think they may vary the procedures at times at some attractions based on crowd levels and/or some random Disney logic. So it’s not that we’d been given incorrect intel, it just may be more fluid than we expected.