ECV Offsite Rentals

We are staying offsite and need a scooter for 2d while Grandma joins us. I have looked at the portable options and thought scooterorlando had the best portable scooters, but they will not deliver to our rental house nor to Contemporary where we will have breakfast. They insist we should have it delivered to Dolphin, where evidently someone can just pull in to pick up the scooter and drive away. That sounds like a 15-25min waste of time to me with a party of 7 some of whom are already cranky to get up early for breakfast anyway. They guy I also talked to seemed to indicate that I must make a decision to either transport a scooter or a stroller in the back of a rental minivan (ha! not likely!) So my questions are:

  1. Anyone staying offsite had a successful delivery to an onsite hotel (contemporary)?
  2. What time do the Disney ECV rental places open (relative to park opening) and how long does that take?
  3. Anyone had to transport both a a stroller and ECV in back of minivan?
  4. How long does a portable scooter from Buena Vista last on a single charge (seems like less)?