eBags toiletries bag

I have packing cubes and LOVE them. They are like magic for my suitcase. Does anyone have the eBags pack it flat toiletry bag? Do you like it? Is just as awesome as the packing cubes? What size do you have?

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I love mine. I bought the smaller one and decided after a few trips it wasn’t big enough for my stuff plus DS’s, so I bought the larger one.


I travel a fair bit. I thought the ebags one was a little too big and the fabric is kind of stiff which makes it bulky. I really like the size, lightweight nylon fabric, and organization of the one Rick Steves sells on his site.
I also love his rolling carryon suitcase. Thing holds a ton. They put all their bags on sale several times a year.
I have no interest, financial or otherwise, in the Rick Steves empire. But he designs good bags.


I don’t have the flat ones, but I do have the the portage one (medium and large). My sister is a flight attendant and she fell in love. She likes the fact that she can easily access everything without unpacking it and that she can hang it or it can sit it on the counter.

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I have this type, although mine is LL Bean. I’ve had them for years and they are still like new. I like for all my larger toiletries. But I use a separate type for all my smaller items.

I have the larger size and I love it. I have previously used a more traditional-style “bulkier” one and I never liked that I had to dig through it. With the flat one, everything is pretty much just 1 layer and not all bunched together. Easy access to everything and it hangs well. The bulkier one I had was also not as…rigid? and when I would hang it up, a lot of the stuff just kind of flopped all together.