eBags Mother Lode Weekender backpack

Off-topic: The packing cubes posts in Chat have me looking at the eBags Mother Lode Weekender backpack for carry-on bag. I’m wondering what a “good” sale/coupon price would be. Current sale/coupon price is $95. Buy now or wait?

Sign up for Ebates, there’s a 18% cash back rebate right now, and maybe another coupon for signing up for the eBags email newsletter. Ebags has it’s own cash back program as well, good for dollars off future purchases.

I would say if you can wait - wait. I have two of these. LOVE THEM - Got them both about a year ago at different times - $79.99 each. However, I don’t think the “retail” price was 119 then, it might’ve been 99 - maybe that means 99 is the new lowest rate. If you go through ebates like @LissaKay said then you’re going to be about $75 - I think that is an excellent price. So if you use ebates, don’t wait.

Like I said, I really like the bag. DS and I use them. Used it carry on to a week in Seattle. 2 car trips to Napa over the holidays. Carry on to a weekend in Sonoma (gate checked) for a wedding. And they’re getting ready for 3 days in New York at the end of the month. I tend to overpack, but these bags seem to curb that habit. I can get enough in where I feel comfortable. I pack it unexpanded and it does fit overhead. I looks HUGE even when it’s collapsed. But I think it has more to do with the color…

OH! Both flights DS and I were told the bags were too big for carry on but they both slipped easily into the sizer. I really think the color (green and blue) causes the bag to look bigger than it is. The time we gate checked we volunteered since they were taking them free and it was only an hour long flight.

I think we got ours for like $80 last year - some good promo deal - BUT these are totally worth the $$!!!

We used these on our 2 week cross country train adventure - they were the BEST - carried everything we needed and left everything organized when used with packing cubes (i got ones from amazon basics) and the E-Bags flat toiletry kit - it fits perfectly in the front zipper part!