Eating Keto at WDW

I know, I know, why would I want to eat a Keto diet while on vacation at WDW of all places :rofl:

Well, I am on one now, and its going great, so I would like to entertain the idea of staying on it while on vacation. I get its no fun, and I might just go off it anyway so I can share some ice cream with my daughter (who am I kidding, she is NOT going to share her ice cream) and other fun foods.

But I am still curious, has anyone gone and been able to stay on their Keto diet? And if so, do you have a restaurant cheat sheet, or did you just dig through menus till you found compatible foods?


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yikes - that sounds like it could cause you some problems at Disney.
So much walking, you will be burning way more calories than in ‘real’ life, without carbs you are going to have to eat more than you do at home and you should be super careful about keeping hydrated.
Trying to not get on my soapbox about any of these kinds of diets - holding on by the skin of my teeth :slight_smile:


I appreciate your concern! But I am fairly well versed in nutritional matters, and track all my intake, and have an exercise routine, which burns more calories than walking Disney all day. So I will be ok. And nobody drinks more water than me :slight_smile:


I was on a very restrictive diet last year when we went to WDW. Some days I did better than others. Here are my tips.
If you are staying DVC, it helps to make some of your own meals in the room.
Table service is easier than counter service because you can modify the dishes when you order.
There’s usually a salad option.
I find that bringing with my own healthy snacks helps (nuts, nut butters in single packages, jerky, veggie sticks if you’ll be carrying a small cooler).

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Depending on how long you’ve been doing keto, and I can’t remember he exact restrictions with this one. Can you eat cheese I think? Don’t reintroduce dairy or wheat at the park. Give it a test drive before you go. I finished w30 about 2-3 months ago and am still getting sick when I eat wheat. Forget about dairy, that’s a goner. But surprisingly wheat is making me very sick. Good luck.

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Ive heard some people say that they went off during vacation and then started back on Keto when they got home. Any pounds gained came off right away.

Personally, I’m on Keto in order to control my blood glucose levels; weight loss is just a nice side affect. I’m still trying to determine what I will do, but will most likely stay on it to avoid spikes and drops.

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I do keto at Disneyland all the time. It is not that hard, but I have yet to find any sugar free candy/treats anywhere. To me, that is the hardest part.

Breakfast is easy: eggs with some sides of meat.

Upscale TS are the easiest: most meals can be meat with some kind of sides.

I have had no issues replacing a carby side for double veggies at any QS. If there is a side you like with another entrée, it is usually free to switch it. Also, burgers without buns and salads. I have had no problemd getting salads with some ingredients removed. It just take a little longer.

Finally, they have Vitamin Zero water at lots of places, which helps with electrolytes.

I also bring Quest bars, jerky and sone Mio water enhancers with me.

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I did at Christmas time!

Well apart from some sneaky sauce that had mysterious hidden carbs in it at Coral Reef and the purposefully eaten cheese Danish at Crystal palace (and has haunted me ever since!)

I simply put a diet restriction on my reservations. They bent over backwards to swap out options and in some places even offer things not on the menu. I had a cheat sheet showing what I could and couldn’t have, and how much, though never needed it.

The waiter at Maya grill panicked a little though. No carbs, Mexican-style restaurant! Even there I managed to stay within my carb count.

Have a plan when you go- and plan to go slightly over your carb count. Your going to burn more energy than usual and can bump that number up a little bit.

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First: I am Keto for life!

But – when I’m at WDW, I don’t follow it. The day I get home, back to a plan.

Understanding that you’re going for it (sticking with it) – good luck! It will be a challenge; some of the folks here have good ideas.

That is one dainty that I’m not even interested in. Sorry it still haunts you.

I can’t eat gluten, peanuts or many tree nuts. Plus I’m trying to control my type II diabetes with the Keto diet. That makes for very complex meals. :frowning: the only thing I’m really going to miss eating are the wonderful GF rolls and scones; and dole whip. :disappointed_relieved:

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Oh it was divine! I’m trying to convince someone to figure out how to recreate it for me!

It sounds weird, but it’s more like cheese cake than cheese. I came home taking about the cheese Danish and people were thinking grilled cheese danish, which would be totally gross :rofl:

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You’re from Australia, right?

When I envision a cheese danish, I think of a pastry with a sweetened creamy cheese. Is that different from what you ate?

When I hear cheesecake, I think of this:

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So, oddly enough, when I was looking in for pictures of cheese Danish, I came across this low-carb version.

I can’t eat it because of the almond flour. :frowning:

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Thanks everyone for their thoughtful input!

I will play it by ear, its nice to know I can probably stick to my diet if I choose to. But if I crack at some point, it really won’t be an issue to get back on again when we get home.

Hopefully this post will be useful to others who have to be on a keto diet, and need to know if they have choices at WDW.

If I take any notes about where we eat, and what fits on the keto plan, Ill post them when I get back.

Thank again everyone!!!



Yes I’m from Australia.

I meant that the flavouring of the Danish was more like a cheesecake as opposed to the grilled cheese everyone thought I was talking about.

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I wonder if you couldn’t swap the flour for another type? Just not coconut. Speaking from experience.

I had no idea what a cheese danish was, I thought as @Ladythomas says it was like a cheddar cheese or something that you’d use for cheese on toast (grilled cheese I guess). I’ve never seen these in the UK.


We don’t have them here either :sob:

If only…

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I’m sure I could, but any other kind I could eat would likely not be low-carb… :frowning:

Trying to not get “soapboxy” here, but this is one of the problems I have with heavily restrictive diets - they don’t translate well into real life. So many people find that when they reach their goal and go off the diet (or are forced to go off it while on vacation, etc.), the pounds fly back on. Unfortunately this is because of the fact that although they are great for losing weight, they really don’t change your eating/lifestyle habits so that you can maintain the weight - you go back to your old habits, and you are back to square 1.

@brklinck’s diet warning signs:

  • “Magic” foods that shed the pounds
  • Special supplements/food (that you can only buy from them)
  • Heavy food restrictions that are difficult to maintain IRL
  • “Purges” or “cleanses” to rid yourself of “toxins”
  • And, of course, anything recommended by Dr. Oz…

(Looks down at feet) Damn, I’m on my soapbox. Again.