Eating before / while waiting for rope drop

Now that I’ve caved and have decided to try rope-dropping, I’m wondering what to do about food. I have breakfast ADRs for around 10.30am but I’m talking about something to keep me going before then.

What do you do?

Note: I have the DDP so I have plenty of snack credits. Are there suitable items for quick pick-up (or night before) at the resorts?

Do people snack on the buses / in line?

We normally have a QS breakfast before going for the bus. They do have pastries and fruit pots and things you could take away to eat in line for RD but you’re not allowed to eat on the bus.


Or cupcakes, which might be my favourite but a bit trickier to transport and eat.

We always get something quick at the hotel QS–a bagel, pastry, etc are snack credits–and then catch the bus to go rope drop. That way I can have my coffee prior to starting the day!

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We eat peanut butter crackers, instant oatmeal, or yogurt in the room (Amazon prime delivery) then plan a fun snack at the park. We went crazy this year: master’s cupcake, Peter Pan Float, and Frushi!

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Yes! Definitely pick things up the night before! Gaston’s, the bakery, la patisserie, trolley car, creature comforts, kusafiri, java island, and quick service at you resort are all great places to grab things from


We bring protein bars and fruit from home for breakfast. It really keeps us going.


Yeah, I got an education on this question recently. We’ll pocket our breakfast, but my (covered) cup of tea is coming with me no matter what!

The food on the bus goes

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Also to answer the rest:

You’re not supposed to eat on buses but sometimes people do.

People definitely eat while I’m line waiting for RD and while in queue for rides.

Finally, I forgot to mention all the Joffrey’s stands

Dream scenario would be a Starbucks, of course. But they’re all in the parks.

I could get bottles of Frappuccino shipped to my resort I guess. Unless they sell them at the resort?

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are there food, coffee stands inside the park while you you wait for the park to open?

Trolley Car at HS is often easily accessed as it is at the holding poing of Sunset and Hollywood. And at AK and EP there is a Joffrey’s outside of the taps. But the rest are all in park AFAIK

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ty OBnurse…was mainly hoping for coffee so that should work!

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I usually grab coffee at my resort. Especially if I’m at Poly and can get a presspot of Kona!!

I am excited for my first trip to the world, but this thread is really making miss my DLR ritual! I would do mobile order from our hotel room then walk through an empty downtown Disney and walk into Starbucks, past the line and snag my coffee (and maybe a scone or two) and head to line up for rope drop at which ever park opened first.

I leave in a couple of days and plan to grab a few things like Belvitas to have on hand in the room to stave off the hunger until we eat at 9:30-10. I will most likely throw one in my bag too just incase.

Thank you @OBNurseNH! I was hoping that there would be something that I could grab while waiting for park open to sort of duplicate my ritual. 2 out of 4 parks isn’t bad.

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